Scarlet Nexus: The launch is upon us (Reviews are out)

lol this is a fun idea


You make it sound like you have proof that PS5 outsells Xbox Series consoles. PS5 and Xbox are both sold out. They are basically tied at this point.

They’re both selling out (with the S being more readily available in some markets), but there are more PS5s being produced than Series consoles. Period.

Theyre not because Sony are making more PS5’s. No doubt Series X could outsell Ps5 in NA. But unfortunately Sony is way ahead globally. Even if Series X is selling out which it is its easier to get one in outside of Australia UK and NA

MS have 2 SKU’s and Series S is doing well obviously people prefer to buy the X. Series S is readily more available.

No doubt Series S will be a long term success due to price but clearly right now people want the X and MS just can’t produce enough. If a Series S didn’t exist you would see even more series X sales.

Anyway back on topic Who has this game already? If you bought digital you can play right now by changing your region to New zealand or UK

That just seems like a odd statement. Surely both Sony and Microsoft are making roughly the same number of consoles. Maybe the only caveat being that some Xbox chips get made for Xcloud. There is no way Xbox is choosing to make fewer Xbox’s when they instantly sell out.

Back on topic: I’m curious about this game. It’s an action JRPG that seems fun and it also reminds me of Remedy’s Control. I should definitely play the demo if it’s still available. Was it one of those timed demos?

Last time I checked, PS5 was at around 8m+ consoles sold while Xbox Series was at around 5.5m+ consoles sold. I believe that PS5 will outsell Xbox Series at a ratio of 2 to 1.5. Last generation was just over 2 to 1 ratio. I know a lot of people praise Series S and if it wasn’t for the pandemic and shortages, I wouldn’t see it as a negative but because of that and the money that Microsoft is losing on each console sold, I can’t help but wonder if Series X at $400 and not releasing Series S would have been the better move because they could have concentrated on only having to have one console manufactured instead of two. I do believe that Xbox Series will outsell PS5 in NA when all is said and done and be within 10m in Europe which is where they really need to close the gap after last generation. Anyway, moving on…

There is a demo still available. I played it yesterday and didn’t care for it so I decided against buying it. However, im not into Anime at all and my interest in Japanese games is minimal. I do recommend trying the demo to see if you like it. It’s around 9GB to download.

I agree and disagree on some of your points. I know how strict forums like to be about staying on topic so I won’t offer my rebuttal. Is there a thread here to discuss sales or is it even allowed here? I have thoughts lol

Pretty sure it can be discussed in the community hangout thread.

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Just bought it. Ready to play once it’s finished downloading.

This sounds really good. Wasn’t sure but very tempted to grab it now.

We weren’t provided a copy weeks ago like some other publications, but we’re working on it right now. I can spoil that I’m having fun :slight_smile:


The only thing that threw me off in the demo was the comic book “stills” presentation style of telling the story. That always bugs me in an interactive game lol.

Last gen was not 2:1. It was 3:1 for a long time. Pa5 is blowing its load out of the gate. In the long run series consoles will be a lot closer. Especially when the juggernaut software hits.

The Xbox one had no momentum until halo came out and even then ps4 was cruising it. The lack of software hurt xbox and helped ps5. This time ps5 will have to help itself. Series consoles is gonna be super strong.

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I love the artstyle. Great contrast and use of red and black.

I also really like the drawing like outlining when structures and objects are far off in the distance. It really gives a clean look to the game.


I tried the demo for ten or so minutes when it first came out. Seems interesting enough! Curious to dig into the reviews and see what people have to say. And remember folks, there can be differences between versions that make one perform or handle worse than the other! A difference in scores isn’t necessarily because of bias :smiley:

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I had fun with the demo, but man I am really have a blast with this game on release today. The reviews are really good at an 80 average for it too. The combat is so smooth and fun for me if you try to use all of the different options especially, and the anime integration into a video game is maybe the best for me that I have seen.

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I decided to try the demo and while running the tutorial I can say that I will pass on this game, the camera just feels awful too me, and the way the lock on doesn’t guide you towards the enemy your fighting is super annoying. Is there any difference in the combat between the demo and the final release? because the 5 minutes I played alone made it clear that the camera angle is not for me, everything else I was enjoying though.