Scarlet Nexus: The launch is upon us (Reviews are out)


Game is launching in a couple of days. Reviews are out and mostly positive. 80 on both Open Critic and Metacritic(for Ps5 with the most reviews)

IGN and Gamespot haven’t reviews yet

General consensus so far from skimming reviews

  • Combat is very unique and interesting and progresses well
  • Graphics are very good as well as next gen console performance
  • Story in general can be interesting
  • Side stories and characters are a bit bland
  • Level design is a bit mediocre with a lot of repetition in enemy design

An 80 is pretty damn impressive for a game like this when you consider the genre. Been looking forward to it but was on the fence about buying. After the developer trailer last week during the Xbox extended showcase I decided to pre order the physical copy.

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well it’s an 80 on PS5, 72 on Xbox :phil_lmao:

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Doesn’t Scarlet Nexus have a marketing deal with Xbox? Why there are so many PS review keys out there?

I remember the Xcast crew reviewing MLB on the PS5 because they only received PS keys. It was a Sony game, but still…

Most pubs/devs send you the code for the system you ask for on multiplats.


Why does Metacritic even separate the scores between different platforms? Seems weird.

That means that only 5 outlets requested an Xbox key? That’s terrifying

The combat in the demo was surprisingly fun so I bought it. Not usually one for the anime stories (aside form Yakuza which is amazing) but the gameplay was really good.

Good reviews! This game wasn’t really on my radar before but I’ll check it out.

I read today that the Xbox and PC review codes that Bandai sent out weren’t working, so they had to replace everything with PS5 codes instead.

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“that’s typical since 2013” you mean.


Weren’t working or Sony intervened? Lol. Some of them did review tjpse versions. Probably ones that didn’t want to review on ps5 or didn’t have one.

They’ve always done it. It makes sense for switch versions. Not for xbox pc and ps though if all versions are near identical.

Opencritic doesn’t seperate

PlayStation is the default review platform for the majority of multiplat titles where a choice is offered - sometimes a choice isn’t offered OR a platform is recommended for review (you can still choose to pick the non recommended one). But yeah since about 2014 the majority of places that review will choose a PS review key if they have that choice every single time. Not sure why that is surprising suddenly. Often reviews are done by staff at home on their own systems and more of them have PS5’s than Series X consoles - that’s just the way it is.

Many people have Xbox, they choose to not review on it, it’s that simple.

Many people do but at big outlets (like the population) more have a PS5 at home so it becomes default choice.

I remember the 6th gen when PS2 was much more dominant than PS4-5 combined, there was no such problem, the real issue is the dying professionalism, gaming journous are glorified influencers nowadays.


Do you remember how reviews happened back in the 6th gen as opposed to now? I think before you throw round accusations - you should think about the infrastructural differences. You weren’t given a download key that’s for sure! I think the reality is if you work for a large outlet and are asked to review a game you will pick the system you have at home and if you have them all, the one you use most.

I know for a fact that the two major outlets of my country don’t even ask for an Xbox copy if it’s a multiplatform, even if it launches day one on GP and/or with marketing. Once ut was more difficult to get a review copy and you had to do it in the office, now that they send you a code it’s only your choiche and I assure you many people among journous have an Xbox if only for GP, come on. It’s only trendier to do it on PS5 and ignore/bash on Xbox.

And even in my country, Italy, which is a PS country, it has been demonstrated that people use more Xbox per user, thanks to GP, as it should be.

Unfortunately these are not baseless accusations, Sony has a huge grip on outlets thanks to ads, marketing presents, etc…MS is much less outlets focused, I remember one of the boss of a big outlets complaining about lack of investing of MS: he meant lack of ads spending on their site, lmao. It’s no surprise Sony consider metacritic a pillar of its business, they put a huge effort into reviewers “well being” lol.

This is another of many reasons for the so called media bias, they have built an almost perfect house of cards, which only tens of billions of investment and a huge shift like GP is beginning to crack it down.


The problem I have is when you keep talking about ‘media bias’ as though the gaming media is a publically owned organisation that has a duty for fair and equal coverage. They are not and do not. the PS5 is more popular and for whatever reason they can cover that system more if they choose to, whether because they have personal preference or because they simply feel it makes more business sense.

The reasons outlets choose to do so are entirely up to them. They aren’t under any duty to be balanced or fair or objective. If people don’t like what they do they will go out of business. The point I’m making is given there are more PS5’s out there and given more people who work for outlets have PS5s than Series X (just a fact) the balance of reviews stands to reason. You don’t have to like it but just ignore those outlets if you don’t. They don’t owe you anything.

I ignore them and I’m entitled to call them biased, even if they deny the truth.


I never use MC for anything but I will use OC at times for games im 50/50 on or a previously released game like Necromunda: Hired Gun which im very happy I skipped. Games that im 100% all in on, the MC/OC score doesn’t matter to me at all but for games that are 50/50 for me, I will definitely do more research on those games.

As for Scarlet Nexus, I was going to buy this tomorrow but I played the demo and just wasn’t into it like I thought I may have been since the combat reminds me of Control. Reading a few reviews, they all said the story, characters, etc. is weak so considering that im not into Japanese game all that much and only minimal interest in Anime, I decided yesterday against buying the game.

But for those who will buy and play it, I hope you all enjoy it!!! :smiley: