SCARLET NEXUS Demo Edition is up on XBL (NZ)

If you go to the NZ region you can get the demo now to install, your account can be in any region

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Nice, gonna check this out for sure!

Looks like you can play right now

I saw few screenshots, and enviroment textures are… not good.

Just played about 20minutes it looked fine to me, not a graphics powerhouse but fun combat and looks great.

Yeah, probably it’s not that big issue when you see it in motion.

Today’s quite a busy day for me so I’ll just play it tomorrow the normal way. I’m pretty excited to try it out. If I end up liking it, which I think I will, I’ll pre-order the game.

I played through the demo, and wow the combat is really fun!


Just done with the demo playing as the girl. Seems like it has potential and I like the smooth 60fps action. My only gripe is what I feared from a game like this and that’s awful level design from code vein coming up again. I hope the final game isn’t level based like code vein and has actual connected worlds.

The combat is good but I don’t like the the whole focus on using objects to smash enemies. Wish it was more close combat focused.

Ok, I beat the demo. Kinda short, it’s like 30-45 minutes. Here are my thoughts:

It’s pretty solid. I think more could have been done with the melee combat, but it’s fun. I really like how they integrated the psychokinesis elements into the combat, it’s some unique stuff. I assume it’ll get even better as you unlock new skills and stuff. Artstyle looks nice and the soundtrack is great from what I’ve heard.

I think I’ll pre-order the game, but not just yet. Maybe in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to the release.

Played through it, that was some fun chaos. I can’t wait to go through it some day on Game Pass :phil_lmao:

I knew exactly what I was getting into because I was feeling it would be pretty similar to Platinum’s Astral Chain.

Mixing up Psychokinesis, Pyrokinesis and Teleportation put a smile on my face. I thought the menus were a bit busy and hard to read, but nothing too serious. Can’t wait for the full game!

I hope this game has a demo on PC sometime too before release :pensive:

The game looks great. Textures are fine. It’s feels like an Xbox One game with boosted resolution and framerate, but it’s okay. The artstyle looks so cool and environments are quite large. The only thing that bothered me is the transitions with loading screens on stairs… There is no streaming like in most japanese games. But loading times are 2-3 sec, so that’s a non issue.

I really dig the gameplay. It’s dynamic with the use of your other companions powers. The use of telekinesis with many interactive elements is fun and cool.

I think it will be my game of june.

I didn’t like anything about the demo unfortunately. If the young woman’s main attacks played like Nier (more flow and sweeping-ness, I guess?) and her psychokinesis abilities like Control (not so slow and on-rails), it may have grabbed me. But instead, it’s all pretty clunky and the FFXV pseudo-QTE stuff is a real turnoff. The camera felt bad, too, and the mobility of the character was oddly sluggish. Seems like I’m the outlier on this one, though.

Wasn’t expecting much from Scarlet Nexus, but the demo is awesome fun love the psychic throws and moves. Namco are on to a real winner


For those who’ve played both characters, what are the differences in their playstyles? Is it a moderate difference or is it kind of the same?

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You’re not an outlier. Everything about the combat that involved special attacks or team work sort of is clunky. Its at its best when you’re just using real time attacks but they seem to have very little effect.

I will say though…its a demo. I think the full game won’t throw you into a level and have a load of different moves and attacks. The actual movement and mobility i didn’t have an issue with. Characters move fine and the close quarter combat is the best aspect.

I’m guessing the full game will ease you into each type of attack and that might be better to making the combat feel better. Half the time i was spamming RB+XYAB trying to figure out what they do.

From the demo its better than FFXV though. FFXV was an absolute mess at hour 1 or hour 30

All in all i’ll get this game purely because its heavily Anime and i think the story has potential. Even the combat i think when played from the beginning will make more sense and have more cohesion. I like the style of the game too.

My biggest concern as i said before is the level design. I’m hoping its not a dungeon crawler type and has an explorable world of some sort.