S.t.a.l.k.e.r. 2


Lol that’s late

Well this is a huge blow to H1 of Xbox which absolutely is dry and barren now pending any surprising and out of the norm game pass additions to supplant this.

Also December? Just 1 month after Starfield? Might as well delay it to 2023 at this rate.


That’s a long delay. NGL, that stings, especially since this is now dated after Starfield and Redfall.

Best wishes for the team. But yeah, ngl, I’m really bummed.


Hey, Halo did it. Why not us too?



One game isn’t going to be the difference between people complaining about a dry stretch. They’ll still complain anyways. There’s tons of games releasing.


Yeah well this one game was the “big game” for H1 for Game Pass so the complaining will get louder.

and none of them are the scope/tier of Stalker (AAA) which is like the argument we continuously make here and not the amount of games.


Man this is a long ass delay.

Man I wonder who’s doing the complaining


not just me thats for sure.

Basically, it’s last year again. You survived it, you can do it again. Also, I thought it’s more effective on PS when it comes to letting it quiet because Xbox has been acknowledged and last thing PS wants is acknowledgement on their competitor. With this, it’s the same ordeal. Shame, but it is what it is. Now we wait and see what’s next in general.

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take your time, make it shine


They went from intricate NFT outline to an 8 month delay once that plan was scrapped…It’s giving scam.

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Surviving isn’t a good take to be honest, we will survive a lot of stuff, doesn’t mean it should be overlooked, they can change this situation by making a ton of GP deals, they should do it, it’s a service after all and there are games out there that should be easy gets.

They should step up their game in these 3rd party deals and this delay will ask that of them.


Personally I don’t care as my backlog seems to never end.

Although I believe it just shows that they need more studios if they want to maintain their GP numbers month to month (unless you can buy 12 months of Game Pass at a slighty lower price, oddly this is not a thing). It’s not good to depend from just one game for your next 4 or 6 months (like they did with Halo Infinite in 2020). But not much third-party games are releasing during Q1/Q2 anyway to be honest.

Even if STALKER 2 was still releasing in April, it’s not a casual game (if the other games in the series are an indication) and it’s catering to a (very) specific audience. And I’m still skeptical about the quality of this game considering GSC’s troubled life.


There’s enough, they should make some deals…

I expect them to, if they aren’t able to fill this first half of the year with deals, they’re falling short on their negotiation game.


Not surprised, knew some sort of a delay was coming when they said they were switching to the UE5 engine

Pretty much.

Lets see if they act on it (I hope so).

I’m not overlooking. It’s just not end of the world level. How Xbox will respond remains a mystery since we’re in week 2 of the year. We start seeing more of movement around the time when games start flying off. Hell, I wasn’t expecting anything this month but here they are announcing Ubisoft+ and a new day one game. Fan or not, movement is movement.

Good. They should take all the time they need.

There’s plenty to play in the meantime.