S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Official In-Engine Gameplay Teaser

In engine, is that what we can expect it to look like when we play? What are more examples of in engine trailers?

Also, is this a Xbox Game Published game or like Warhammer a exclusive at launch and later to other platforms?

Timed exclusive from global publishing and xbox is helping with the development. Comparable with the FF7 Remake.

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Gives me Metro vibes in a good way. It was originally announced for a 2021 release back when it kicked off in 2018. I thought 3 years was an aggressive timeline to reboot a franchise with no existing assets back then. With the pandemic, my bet would be on this arriving 2022 at earliest. Happy to be wrong.

One thing people are skipping mentioning is just how many views this video has racked within a single day, something not a single recently announced Xbox game has been able to, goes to show they got a good IP secured as a timed exclusive and more than enough people will check it out on gamepass when it arrives.


I posted about the views earlier, It’s almost guaranteed to be a big hit for Gamepass.

Also, Xbox’ game showings had very little material, we didn’t get a very solid feel of the atmosphere/world. I think the next trailers for Avowed and Fable will do much better.

Just look at the numbers Black myth: Wukong did, that is what great gameplay/graphics have the potential to do.

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Stalker 2 will launch on consoles the same time as PC

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Awesome news

It seems the game is gonna be full exclusive for Series X/S and PC :

It was in response to a guy asking if there are plans for a PS5 version.

I created a thread on resetera

This discussione shows how toxic could be that community full of PS fanboys. Fortunately there are many good guys there and mods done the right acts.

I really wanted discuss about this news, not a "Simply rumor"because It comes from a GSC PR. But this Is the final result

If it was announced as Console Launch Exclusive but they aren’t talking about a PS version its probably because of the terms of their agreement with MS. No different than how nobody has ever confirmed the existence of a FF7R for Xbox but we assume its happening because it was a timed exclusive.

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Stalker 2 is a timed console exclusive. It was mentioned as such before the trailer at the Xbox Games Showcase last July.

Not if MS buys the studio.

It could happen I think. Long standing studio working on a timed exclusive, one that is a huge IP in Eastern Europe. If I remember correctly Phil spencer once said they were looking in Japan Poland and Ukraine and the stalker devs are in Ukraine.

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I checked who the developer is, it’s GSC Game world, they made the first Stalker too. Was that a good game? I never played it.

True but I don’t see that happening.

I would even say it would be the safest option there.

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In a world where Bethesda was acquired, it is far from being impossible.

It’s not impossible, I just don’t see it happening. That’s all.

Who knows, I believe it could happen. Either way, we don’t know how long the exclusivity is gonna last, it could be months, or maybe years, especially with a studio far from having the same resources like Crystal Dynamics did with Squere Enix.

I’d say wildcard is, wildcard is the same as game world except they are in a region XGS already is in.

Still both seem very likely imo and game world would be a great pick up

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