Rumour: Massive Capcom Leak Reveals Dragon's Dogma 2, Street Fighter 6, New Monster Hunter, Onimusha, etc

So earlier this week we had Street Fighter 6 leak, now we have this. If it’s legit, that is.

According to the leak, Capcom has plans for…

  • Resident Evil Outrage - Q4 2021
  • Dragon’s Dogma 2 - Q2 2022
  • Street Fighter 6 - Q3 2022
  • Rockman (Mega Man in English) Match - Q3 2022
  • Residen Evil 4 Remake - Q4 2022
  • Onimusha New Work - Q4 2022
  • Monster Hunter 6 - Q2 2023
  • Biohazard Apocalypse - Q3 2023
  • Super Street Fighter 6 - Q4 2023
  • Final Fight Remake - Q2 2024
  • Power Stone Remake - Q3 2024
  • Ultra Street Fighter 6 - Q4 2024
  • Resident Evil Hank - Q4 2024
  • I wonder what Resident Evil Outrage is? If it’s online MP, I will never understand why they even bother to begin with.

  • I love how there’s THREE different versions for Street Fighter 6. LMAO. Why not just make one base game and add to it? Some free content and paid DLC? I just don’t get it.

  • I can’t wait for REmake4. My second favorite RE game after the original RE 2 even though that’s been surpassed by REmake2. Oh man!!

  • Biohazard Apocalypse/Resident Evil Hank??? WTF? I really hope Capcom doesn’t over-saturate RE again.

  • Onimusha/Dragon’s Dogma 2…okay, very interested.

  • Final Fight Remake…oh no, please don’t fuck up my #1 all time beat em up Capcom. cries


Wow, they sure do have a lot of Resident Evil games planned.

And is that a Power Stone remake I see listed? Hell yeah, Capcom hasn’t forgot about those games. Dragon’s Dogma 2, Monster Hunter 6, and Onimusha are also very interesting to see.


Power Stone better not be for switch lol


Onimusha, oh man. A new Onimusha with a third person camera hopefully sounds like a dream. But the New York name is odd. Japan would be the setting you’d expect. But, we’ll see!

Monster Hunter 6 is probably the sequel to World, right? That’ll be a day one then. I believe RE Outrage is the Battle Royale thing if I’m not mistaken.

It says Onimusha New Work, not New York, meaning a new work in the Onimusha series. It’d make no sense to be in New York.

I remember playing Onimusha back on the PS2. Would love a brand new Onimusha for XSX/PS5. Monster Hunter isn’t for me but they’re extremely popular and overall, quality games. i only care about RE 8, REmake4 and if they make an RE Revelations 3 and yes, I know RE 8 started out as that.

Monster Hunter World is the greatest videogame of all-time, alittle bummed to have to wait for 2023 for the next one.

And where’s the Viewtiful Joe collection???

Why not?

Because I dont have one and have zero intention of getting one. Think the last time it was released it was on PSP.

You gotta get a Switch, brother.

Wow Capcom is about to kill it but no Dino Crisis :frowning:


The fact that there are three versions of Street Fighter 6 is hilarious! lol I’m just glad it might be coming back to Xbox, though.

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SF6 coming back to Xbox is very cool. No Dead Rising, though. Maybe a check from XGP could change their mind

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Wow, how could I be so blind? Hahaha. And I even posted it myself. Getting old here, jeez. Haha.

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Really strong list from one of the very best mid sized publishers right now. Have to admit that I’m a little disappointed not to see another DMC though. Was hoping DMC5 performed well enough to make the regular rotation.

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That, and still no Dino Crisis remake.

Such a shame, imagine how lifelike they could make these dinos with the new tech of today.


Power Stone??? This is like a dream release slate for me.

Power stone remake. Oh yeah it’s @Shpeshal_Nick time

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