Rumors hit about Xbox's showcase from eXtas1s

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Shadow Drop = Blue Dragon 2 -Rise of the Red Dragon

If the handheld is windows based, id say thats a good indicator of where the next Xbox is going.

will xbox portable support e sim?

Because it worked the last time.

an Xbox handheld is not “windows based”. It’s an Xbox that can access the windows kernel to play PC games


Id be all over an Xbox handheld on day one. Curious to know if this is a continuation of the current gen and has similar power to an S or is something new entirely

Also… a big no to shadowdrops!


Shadowdrops can be fine. HF:R’s biggest issue was being a rhythm game and if you take Booty at his word the game’s performance wasn’t the reason they were closed. I think GW: Tokyo was far more damaging to them as a developer, financially.


lol I knew rumors would start today. I will take everything with a grain of salt

I really enjoy shadow drops myself,


but in a way I kind of hope they don’t do one this time. Once is exciting, twice is the start of a tradition. And once you’re in that territory I feel like there’s expectations going forward, and with expectations come disappointment as well as pressure.

Disappointment from viewers when some future shadow drop isn’t as good as years past, pressure on devs to create something great for the shadow drop.

You know what, I wrote all of the stuff above, and after I had written it out I realized I disagreed with myself. P-phil_rnd Screw all that noise. Shadow drops are awesome, exactly BECAUSE of all of the above. Makes the Christmas-like anticipation that comes naturally with a showcase all that much more exciting, with a bunch of shadow drop specific speculations leading up to it.

Will it be a good one this year? Is this the first year they won’t do one? Will it be something unexpected? Will it be DLC or a full game? Will it be AAA or AA? Etc.

And considering the number of studios Xbox have, a regular shadow drop every year is something Xbox can use to differentiate themselves with, that the competition would find hard to copy.

So bring on the shadow drops, I say.


probably an early access for one of the live service games or maybe one of those remasters a lot of you all have been clamoring for. :person_shrugging:

What I dont want (and I know I cant control this) but are the names of games that are definitely at the show to leak.

Like we have waited this long, let the excitement take over and enjoy the ride. Hopefully the shadowdropped titles name wont leak. A lot of work must go in to make that kinda thing happen.


I’m totally fine with them, especially if it’s something smaller like a remaster/remake of a a game like Oblivion for example (please let it be Oblivion). :smile:


I hope there’s no shadow drop. Lets build some hype

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If there’s a shadow drop I think Flight Sim makes the most sense. It’s got an established niche audience and you can do a really quick marketing push for it and I don’t think it would hurt it at all.

On a side note what’s the point of the rumored Blue Dragon and/or Lost Odyssey remaster? I feel like in order to see if there’s any real interest in these franchises you would have to completely remake those games or develop a sequel, can’t see too many people clamoring for a remaster of a game that’s already backwards compatible, I guess the PC release would help a little. If it’s just a small remaster of either game I could see them shadow drop it I guess.

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If they are indeed making a remaster of Blue Dragon and/or Lost oddysey, it most likely is because they want to release it on PC/PS/Nintendo. It might also allow them to finally put them into Gamepass as the licenses and whatnot would be worked out.

I could definitely see them putting it everywhere if it does exist. I didn’t know those games had licensing issues I always assumed Microsoft owned those franchises so I guess this could just be them getting the rights back in some way, while putting it everywhere. If I had to guess it’s Blue Dragon based on teases.

Yeah, neither is on Game Pass for some reason

After the last shadow drop, I don’t think they will. I think they’re more likely to announce the game with a short window of release(1-2months).

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I like shadow drops, not everything has to have some huge marketing campaign before launch, the sooner I can play something, the better

HFR didn’t do low numbers because of it’s shadow drop, it simply didn’t have the appeal that people think it should have


A handheld tease would be crazy hype and would surely keep the internet talking.