Rumor: Valve is Trying to Get Game Pass on Steam

Seems to stem from someone who has quite the following and is Steam-specific wrt coverage. The host answers in a way that is not the slightest bit hesitant or wish washy. ‘Boom’ he says.





Give Xbox the Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress IP…

Then yes.

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It is the snowballing effect of Game Pass. Eveything is possible at this point. I mean, in a few weeks, we learned that Phil and Kojima are best friends now (sorry Geoff…). We’ve got switch exclusive on GP day one, a third party game day one, a Sony exclusive even day one !!

So yeah, I think that Steam being interested in Game Pass is more probable than all things I’ve just cited. And it’s crazy to think about !


I rather have Steam support for Xbox. That would be fucking amazing.

I know MS want to sell their own games and gamepass on Xbox…but think about it. Windows Store is a joke compared to Steam on PC. But on Xbox…Steam would be an alternative to boost the library sell more hardware and more hardware = more gamepass subs. PC gamers tend to ignore gamepass due steam and windows versions of games. But on Xbox…it would be an alternative to get games on xbox that wouldn’t come otherwise. Even PS games

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A store being on Xbox wouldn’t mean that any of the games on that store now support Xbox. They are still PC games.

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Exactly. I don’t care if they don’t have achievements or aren’t xbox games. Merge the Xbox ecosystem into PC.

Series XS would be a vastly better marketed Steambox.

The only downside is it can take away from Xbox game sales if there are cheaper Steam versions. But heres the thing…MS are pushing Gamepass anyway and there will be games like a GTA6 that are console only and don’t come to PC day 1.

I would still pay for games that are built for Xbox but this would be for games that don’t have Xbox versions like Nioh

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I just mean technically that would not work. The games would need to be ported to xbox (or underlying xbox sw would have to change so its basically a PC). You can’t just take any software that runs on a PC and run it on an Xbox.

I honestly don’t see it happening. The way Game Pass will be profitable, in my opinion, will be through the DLCs/MTX that they get from their own stores. Microsoft doesn’t really have a choice on other consoles, but on PC they do. My crazy theory is that they’ll buy Discord and integrate Game Pass + Microsoft Game Store into it to reach more people.

I think putting Game Pass on Steam, is just a massive gift to Valve, they have so much more to gain from it than Microsoft. Not to mention will keep their monopoly on PC gaming.

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Not without modifying the Xbox software no. But you could theoretically turn it into a pc but games would have to be tested to that specific hardware. Kind of like the steamboxes.

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Bring Game Pass to Steam and bring Steam to Xbox with support for VR and all Valve games exclusive to Xbox ecosystems + allow MS to use their IPs that will launch on Steam + Xbox. HL3 Xbox console exclusive.

Won’t happen most likely, too much screwing around with double dip games on both platforms.

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Series console have an expansion SSD. Install Steam OS on it(stripped down windows only to play steam windows games). Being steam library. Bring fucking VR amd all the VR headsets out there.

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I wonder if this is something linked with the Switch stuff, it’s starting to come together actually. This rumour could be pointing to a Xbox Game Pass 1st party only offering that will come to Steam and Switch. I can’t be the only one thinking it’s weird having the Switch on the shelf now rumours of Game Pass coming to Steam, it has to be a new 1st party only tier of Game Pass and they’re probably going to make a family plan at the same time.

edit: I could just see it happening look at that banner haha just switch out publisher sale to Game Pass now available :wink:

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Xbox had 50 million consoles sold last gen. Gamepass probably has 15 million users on consoles, with a potential of around 25 million… possibly more. That’s half those users.

Steam has 120 million active users. If Microsoft can get the same percentage of that base to subscribe to gamepass they would hit 60 million subs from steam. That’s the incentive. Would have to pay steam their cut game sales and mtx sales yes, but they are already doing that for their games that are on sale on steam.

I would argue Microsoft has a much bigger incentive to bring gamepass to steam than valve does. If gamepass takes off on their platform there is risk that their users will stop buying games or buy them less often because they are subbing to gamepass.

The moment Microsoft decided to bring all new games to steam is the moment they probably decided they wanted to bring gamepass to that platform.

As a PC gamer that poked into XBOX with the Series S I am kinda fed up of so many stores in the PC land. I wish Microsoft just shocked the games industry by buying valve and merging XBOX and Steam

Many windows steam games run flawlessly on linux so adapting games to run on XBOX in many cases would be really simple. They would need to be tested and certified on both X and S but thats it.

That would solve the main problem of the xbox IMO that is the lack of exotic games.

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Last report we got was Game Pass had 18M subscribers, you’re guessing 15M is just consoles? That seems a bit high to me. The big issue is Valve wouldn’t just get a cut of game sales and MTX sales on the majority of Game Pass games (majority aren’t Xbox first party games), they would get all of it. So Steam would get 30% revenue from all non-Xbox first party game sales/MTX/DLCs and Microsoft would get 0%. If Microsoft scores a HUGE game to put on Game Pass, they have to pay the publisher tens of millions and Valve pays nothing but reaps a ton of the benefit. Valve will get a cut of Game Pass revenue without having to put anything down for all the games.

Everything I’ve heard from people like Jez Corden is that Game Pass might not be profitable on it’s own but that’s not the point, the revenue that they acquire from MTX/DLCs is massive. If Steam got all that revenue from non-Xbox games, then it takes Microsoft a lot longer for ROI.

In my opinion, I think it’s a stupid decision on Microsoft’s part. I think what they should do is, if they acquire Discord, integrate Game Pass heavily into it like: offer Nitro with Game Pass Ultimate and Discord used to have a storefront, bring that back but connect it with the Microsoft Store to sell games and Game Pass on. Discord has 100M+ MAU and Microsoft can start getting Discord to generate some revenue.

If this was another platform like PlayStation or Nintendo, I would understand the want to work with the platform to do Game Pass… but on PC they have an option to do their own thing, not to mention they literally own Windows so can push it any which way they want. The Microsoft Store is in need of some love and my guess is that Game Pass is a good way to get people to pay attention to it.

if this is true, then that’s great news cuz it would disallow me from ever needing to use the god awful MS Store again. Could also solve the UWP problem that Gamepass PC struggles with at the moment.

Jez just said a day or 2 ago that it’s very profitable. Also a couple insiders have said that the vast majority of gamepass users are on Xbox.

Most pc gamers won’t use the windows store. So either Microsoft buys discord and puts a gamepass section on it or they put gamepass on steam. Gamepass will never reach 100 million users with out doing one of those.

Jez didn’t say it was profitable, he said it wasn’t unsustainable. Also, in that same tweet he says: . PC Gamers don’t use the Microsoft Store, yes, but that’s why Microsoft made the Xbox app which connects to it but with a better UI and more centered around Game Pass.