Rumor: Sony wants Final Fantasy games exclusively on PlayStation this generation

VGC’s Jordan Middler recent commented on ResetERA about Square Enix’s plans for Final Fantasy . According to Middler, most of the games that Square Enix publishes will make their way to Xbox, but it’s doubtful that Final Fantasy games will beyond the upcoming Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin . “Sony wants PS to be the home of FF this gen,” Middler said. Middler also pointed out that Final Fantasy 7 Remake was already supposed to be on Xbox, but that has yet to happen.



I would go and counter with a traditional third party IP and do the same but oh well.


I don’t think it was ever just a rumor of what Sony wants. It’s pretty clear what they want.


It’s this the same news of some days ago? Anyway, nothing new under the sun, I still don’t get why because XIII and XV didn’t underperform, but there’s also the XIV ongoing charade (since a full decade), it’s clear MS-SE are not alligned much, also no big news.

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Nothing happened with xbox. Sony just knows that FF is a draw particularly with 14 and 7R being big and they wanna keep it that way after losing stuff like Kingdom Hearts and such and they will pay Square for it cause its an easy ROI.

So it’s not like Sony acquired SE or bought the FF license but they’ll get the games exclusive anyway, well except that it’s on Steam too. Such bullshit.

So basically Sony just did everything they can to keep it off Xbox, lol.

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14 bullshit is ongoing since 360 when PS3 was shit for online. There is some exec who doesn’t want, like the Yakuza dude, come on.


Microsoft should try get this game to gamepass on day 1. I doubt Square would want to upset Sony though lol. image

No, let it die, badly. IDK why MS should help SE cover their blunders, while Xbox gets their scraps.


Even as a JRPG fanatic I just don’t care. It seems like mainline FF games for the past long time are stinkers more often than not. Even most people call Lost Odyssey “the real FFXIII”.

My expectations for FFXVI are only mid… I expect it to come out half-baked and then need years of updates and DLC to make it proper-ish like FFXV.

I can agree with the fact that not having FF hurts building a JRPG fanbase on this platform though, which can make it more difficult to get other JRPGs.

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Honestly, get me more of the 2d turn based JRPGs if they protecting the new ones. Go get FF1-6, FF Tactics and Barvely. Dragon Quest older games too.

Been saying its a realistic target for GP.

Idk nothing about this says any blunders and if Stalker 2 is delayed you need games for this period.


Hey I’ll shell out $60 bucks for Star Ocean 6 and like it at this point.


The game has bomb written all over, like the last FF spin-off, Type-0 or something.

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Its a Souls Game and Team Ninja its gonna do ok. Literally FF Nioh.

Not every souls game is guaranteed success and neither are Team Ninja games, I don’t get your point, the reception has not been good overall. Souls are very overrated these days.

Eh… I don’t think this is a rumor, it’s kinda happening lol.

I’ve made my peace with this though, it is what it is.


Basically this

Its a shame but thankfully I stopped caring about FF long ago

But things like this are why MS cant slack and should be funding their own Japanese projects, cant rely on third parties, especially not Squeenix


No, they shouldn’t. Wonderlands is going to be far bigger.

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Get both.

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