[Rumor] Microsoft acquires Kojima Productions

What do you think, can this be true and would you like it?

Source: The picture was taken by a user on Twitter.

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Nah, 100 percent doubt on that to be honest. Hard to believe that Sony isn’t working with Kojima and his team on their next game.

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No way this is happening

Kojima is such an amazing creator but he has strong ties with Sony

Also he uses Guerillas game engine - so he is quite entanged with Sony in technical ways too

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This is gaining some traction on twitter. I think it would fit because Apparently sony wan’t happy with death stranding. Microsoft likes to let its developers develop what they want. It was just be funny.

Im not sure what would cause more rage. This or microsoft buying from software. Probably not true but after bethesda anything is possible.

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Firstly that source is super super weak. To the point it reads like made up fanboy drivel.

Secondly it makes absolutely zero sense for anyone. What would MS or Kojima gain from this?

Non starter for me.

I think the most important thing here does Xbox get Geoff with this deal ?


This rumor is probably BS but:

  • Kojima not having to worry about the success of his games because of Game Pass plus not having to worry about budgets and selling a pitch to a publisher.
  • MS gaining prestige just from having Kojima Productions on their 1st party studios and of course potentially adding more great games on Xbox and Game Pass down the road.

Yeah the rumour is most likely BS, but to basically say that Kojima and Microsoft would not gain anything from an acquisition is incorrect in my opinion.


a magazine rumour? just like in 1999? :thinking:

It is from Hobby Consolas apparently.

Would be cool to have Kojima at XGS.

We’ll see what the future holds. But I rather wanted that to stay as a surprise if it is true. Why people love to ruin surprise announcements is above me.

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Apparently it was in the parody section, so I don’t think it is true. Still, it could make sense one day for Kojima to be interested in something like Game Pass.

Huge doubt, and honestly, don’t want. I think Kojima is problematic and I’ve only found one of his games to be great.





Now i want this to be true just for the memes and LOLs


God I hope not. Don’t like his games and imo there are a hundred studios I would like to see purchased before his.

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Only for the meltdowns.

I don’t really enjoy his games.

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I don’t believe it, Microsoft only buy studios who have relation with them

Yea bethseda made lot of sense with the close relationship they had with Microsoft over the years