(Rumor) Leaker of Horizon for PC: "Forbidden West delayed to 2022"

If Starfield comes out this year along with Halo Infinite and a potential Forza Horizon, Xbox will more than be redeemed and steamroll PS5 next holiday, especially if Horizon 2 doesn’t make it. Imagine the bundles MS could do with those games and the subscribers increase they’ll get from Gamepass!

I mean, I know they’ll all sell out anyway, but Ms could get some mindshare for sure!

Sounds like the ‘leaker’ claiming it got pushed to 2022 has a horrible track record and should not be trusted.

I’m sticking with my February 2022 release date for Horizon 2.

Measurables like sales, engagement, and review scores may indicate a change in who has the best exclusives, but the “perception” probably won’t change because it isn’t beholden to that data.

If running the same play over and over again keeps producing success then there is no reason to change it until it no longer works.