(Rumor) Leaker of Horizon for PC: "Forbidden West delayed to 2022"

And if this is true, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. But it would be better if Sony had been upfront about it and announced at the same time as GT delay.

Horizon and God of War will definitely be delayed. Probably for the best.

I am more doubtful about this one compared to God of War, although it is not totally out of the realms of possibility.


Imagine if Xbox launches Starfield + Halo Infinite and Sony has no holiday titles that would be nuts.


basically 2020 swapped lol


I mentioned this on another forum, but in Jason Schreiers book, Blood, Sweat and Pixels, even when they knew Uncharted 4 wasn’t going to be finished in 2015, they still went ahead and announced it was coming holiday 2015.

So yeah, if this game is no way making 2021, Sony would probably still claim it was.


[Rumor] Water is wet

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I always thought HZD2 and GoW2 were just shown to sell consoles honestly, more so GoW2 because they bloody just showed a logo. Wasn’t HZD2 a CGI trailer too? if so I wouldn’t be shocked.


Tell me about. It is why I say that Sony had the gall to announce that was coming out this year when all they could show was a logo that probably took next to no time to come up with. In fact it would not surprise me if it was a late decision to put that trailer in.

Not surprised by this in the least.

Really don’t like how Sony moves their hype machine. They always sell things impossible to be true, because they know the reality will never have the same reach the praise for their “dreams” will.

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Bad management at Sony? Fire the studio heads?


No it was in engine.

In engine /= CGI

Why do people always forget that? :smiley:

So it was a in-engine trailer, I was more thinking gameplay or not. I know the difference between CGI and in engine, I haven’t actually watched the trailer so just didn’t know.

Was none of it gameplay? That one bit with Alloy on the horse, that seemed like it could be gameplay, but from a different camera view.

Did UC 4 released in 2015 at the end?

Like I said haven’t watched the trailer at all just going off what I heard I might give it a watch

CGI /= In engine /= in game

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Era for me was acting weird. I wanted to quote someone else, but it took your comment, lol. :wink:

Hmmm, interesting. So Hellblade 2 could actually look like that ingame? I recall they said this was in engine right? Come to think of it, probably many more games at the Xbox shows last year had in engine material.

haha you’re good dw.

I watched the trailer and I couldn’t really see any gameplay but I could be wrong.

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