(Rumor) Leaker of Horizon for PC: "Forbidden West delayed to 2022"


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Delayed in March 2015 to March 2016. Then later to April 2016, then finally May.


Like cp 2077 :sweat_smile:

The perception that playstation has the best exclusive library is going to end this generation, it may end sooner then we expect because of covid delays.


Wasn’t Horizon: Forbidden West supposed to originally release in the first half of 2021, or am I mistaken? Because that would be a pretty big delay if that were to be the case.

Edit: Nevermind, just saw that it was meant for the second half, not the first half. Remembered that wrong.

I believe Horizon (and Everwild) were real-time cut scenes, which typically look better than actual game play. But at least the hardware is running it in real time.

In-engine (Forza and Hellblade) is a little more confusing. It means the graphics were produced by the engine, but not necessarily running at the same rate as the video. Potentially even additional effects and/or post processing. It is most likely because the game is not currently running at or near its target frame rate.

So yeah, i have my doubts about Hellblade 2 lookong THAT good in game.

I hope my PS4 will keep it together until release, if not well bargain bin pickup later in the gen of both console and the handful of interesting games. Like the past gen.

GT7 and Ratchet were first half. Horizon was “targeting” 2021. So y’know that kind of suggest November which means any kind of slip will push it to next year. god of war was just 2021, so I’m expected that in 2023.

Ohhh, I see, they said Forbidden West was meant for the second half of 2021, not the first half. My bad. Won’t be surprised then if it gets delayed. If GT7 was meant for the first half and still got delayed to 2022, Horizon is definitely getting pushed back as well.

Would not surprise me at all. Most big Sony games go through at least 1 delay.

Of course Sony will probably not want to announce anything of the sort atm. Not until they absolutely have to.

Better to sell more PS5s on the idea that these games are coming this year. For me I’d rather they announce now so their teams can just go dark and do their best.

Doesn’t prove much but still

‘anticipated’ means they hope to release them before Dec 31, 2021 but no guarantee.

I’m expecting Sony to keep saying 202 until the summer and then officially delay it to early 2022. My prediction has always been February 2022 so we’ll see. ACG tweeted last night to expect major game delays soon and im expecting Horizon 2 to be one of them.

It’s day one for me regardless of when it comes out. Best new IP from last generation and the first game was my 2017 game of the year and in my top 5 of the PS4/XBO generation. Still the best pure combat and gameplay of that generation. So damn fluid, smooth and responsive. Can’t wait for the sequel at 60FPS!!!

In general, im expecting a bunch of games getting delayed to 2022 which is fine by me. Give them all the extra time. 2021 can be a “weak” year and then 2022 can be stacked overall!!!

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Is that ad also suggesting GT7 is 2021 tho? >.>

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Yeah, with Sony I’m going to take it with a grain of salt.

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Forbidden West and God of War ain’t coming out this year. They didn’t show any gameplay at all and it’s just marketing to sell PS5’s. Anyone knowing how Sony works could assume this easily. Those games were 2022 at the earliest if I’m being honest.


Seems like Sony did it again, over hyped their launch year only to see most of the big titles get delayed. Wonder if they did that on purpose just to try and steal some console launch narratives like they always do.

I mean their narrative right before launch has pretty much crumbled.

SSD, Tempest audio aren’t any better than Xbox solutions even though Sony hyped them up. All these amazing launch windows games have been delayed, Sony seems to be totally relying on 3rd party money hats.

This is what Sony does, they are pretty much all smoke and mirrors in their hype cycles to try and steal narratives they can play off of for an entire gen and lead on their zombie fans.


That trailer basically confirms Gran Turismo 7 is cross-gen. It says “Captured on PS5. In development for PlayStation.”

The wording makes me think it’s coming to PS4 too, which I think makes sense. Horizon and all the major games are cross-gen so it’s only natural for GT7 to be too.

The way sony has not been upfront about its cross gen titles has been appalling. Needs to be called out more, especially when we consider they were like “we believe in generations blah blah blah”


Yep that’s why certain people call Jim Ryan loose lips Ryan cause almost everything he says turned into a giant lie

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