Rumor/grain of salt: This possible Starfield leak might be legit. Artwork & screenshot


Credit where it’s due. I now see it was already posted by @Raider_Might in the Xbox thread. I had just returned from a big weekend trip and I saw the Skullzi video in my notifications.

YouTuber Skullzi found it via Reddit, but he didn’t post the link in the description of the video. So far this hasn’t been debunked yet. He says he did several reverse image searches on it and nothing turned up.

The original link

The video

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If this is real, I am now thinking this will get revealed at TGA 2020. That or The Initiative’s project. :thinking:


That would be so sweet and that would also increase the chances of a 2021 release.

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Fingers crossed for a 2021 release for sure… would help Xbox’s line-up for the first year a ton!

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Doubt it. Todd Howard loves revealing a game pretty close to launch. If it is coming in 2021, I would expect it at E3 or a similar event.


It would make their first year amazing. That would mean Halo, Psychonauts 2, some other stuff probably and Starfield. But I will not get my hopes up.

Yep, the Fallout 4 approach. I love it too. But Starfield is a different case since it technically has already been revealed. So a trailer at TGA could happen.

That being said, Howard recently said now that they’re with MS they can up the graphics and everything. Kinda sounds to me that this could have been a release for next year but is now 2022. But maybe early to mid 2022 and not end. That would be great.

I like the Fallout 4 approach as well, you can get hyped more knowing the game is around the corner. True, but I think that was to gain a bit of hype because Bethesda knew Starfield and Elder Scrolls were years ago.

I still think they will try and stick to the original 2021 release date, I am assuming this is the date, since after Starfield is released they will be going onto Elder Scrolls.

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Please learn from Fallout, better dialogue system, more RPG focused and less shooter focused etc

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I love the artstyle of this if it is real. Hype!

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Starfield is going to be a massive game

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Starfield was announced two years ago, when Todd Howard said they’ve been working on that game “for years”. It is fair to think the game might come out in 2021.

Fallout 4 was announced in June 2015 and released four months later. Skyrim was announced in December 2010 and released in November 2011.

There’s going to be a lot of attention on this. The next big Bethesda RPG, their first proper space sci-fi one, and probably skipping PlayStation. If Microsoft ever releases such a data, I would love to read about how many new people subbed to Game Pass on the week this game drops.


I still think there’s a chance this could be shown off this year. Bethesda typically likes to wait until the last possible minute, but this game has suddenly become even more important to Microsoft.

Maybe at the Game Awards or if X020 happens digitally this year.

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I have my issues with how Keighley has presented some of Xbox’s offerings but I genuinely think the TGAs are the place to show off Starfield. Skyrim’s reveal was like the highlight of the VGAs back in 2010.

If not, the Fallout 4/76 model of reveal at E3, launch in November is time tested and works well.

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I give it 50/50 odds of a 2021 release or 2022. I’m trying to imagine starfield and infinite in the same year. 2 gigantic games.

Early '22 maybe? something like feb>may ish then they can put in another game in aug then again maybe in nov.

I’ve read somewhere like Reddit that someone confirmed on twitter this pics are leggit and from a 2018 build. Of course this is not a reliable source, take it with the necessary amount of salt.

Ahh a realistic looking sifi AAA game would be awesome! Like rolling over a moon in rover and discover hidden caves. Though I wonder how this will translate into a RPG. Time will tell I’m excited.

2021 could have Halo Infinite, Psychonauts 2, Forza next, Grounded 1.0 and Starfield.


Yep. From looking quite barren it is starting to pick up now. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft has a game or two to reveal next year as well.

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