Rumor: Early stages of RE8 development has performance differences between XSX and PS5

According to insider Dusk Golem

Okay, so I guess I’ll just come clean here… I’m talking about Resident Evil Village. The game’s terrible performance at the PS5 reveal event with the terrible frame rate present in the trailer was kinda’ the current status of the game on PS5 as of a few months ago. The thing is, apparently the game runs perfectly on Xbox X, they’ve been having some troubles getting the frame rate stable on PS5 (which as Sony had a rule to record the PS5 event gameplay on PS5, lead to the weird frame showing in that trailer). But it’s running in the RE Engine, and they’ll be making more optimizations to take advantage of the game there

Yes, but the game had issues also at 1080p. I’m not just speaking of the trailer, though you can clearly see it in the trailer, which I had asked further about and lead to this point.

The game has been updated a lot since the PS4 Pro version (character models, effects already, it’s a WIP), but the build where it’s at notably was only having issues on PS5. There’s any number of reasons for that and I don’t know the specifics, just I know that tidbit, and it is true. However I also know Capcom has some very talented people, the engine is very customizable, so it’ll probably be working perfectly by launch, but it’s an odd notable thing, though I should’ve clarified my comment was on the one game.

Look like the power gap is larger than we think.


Woah. Ok. If this becomes a trend, we’ll know why the moneyhats are happening.


Devkits tools / Engines for the new Devkits are in early stages.

The game will run just fine on PS5.


First off this is a rumour so people should take it with a grain of salt and not as complete gospel.

However, what you are saying is correct and wouldn’t read too much into it regardless, but the general semblance is that the dev environment around the PS5 is more mature atm compared to Xbox Series X, so this would actually be surprising.


He also says in that thread that XSX will be cheaper than PS5. This reminds me of insider talk about Call of Duty Ghosts running at 40-50 fps in 900p on Xbox One compared to 1080p 60fps on PS4 before launch in 2013. CoD ended up at 720p 60fps for XB1 launch.

Id have thought the SSD would have made the game run smoother on the PS5

Sorry i couldnt resist


I can’t wait for DF face-offs.


Not surprising. This is the difference between 52 compute units (Series X) and 36 compute units (PS5).

Also interesting to note RE8 and Pragmata are confirmed to be multiplat, doesn’t seem like Sony was really able to moneyhat Capcom.

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Crazy if true, wonder if this narrative will be posted on all the forums and news sites like every negative Xbox rumor? Yea probably not, I’d expect Jason S to come swooping in to try and save the honor of PS and try and debunk this.


The game is 1 year out. Not really that news worthy yet.

its in active development, itll be fine

I wonder if this is the dynamic freq on the cpu/gpu and maybe a heating issue? surely this can’t be right.

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Despite my previous comment i have to agree

Feel this is the same sort of concern threading that people moved from Resetera to get away from with the roles reverse

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That’s what I’m thinking too. The dude says it’s happening for other games too. I’m guessing that they are losing a lot of GPU power when clocking up the CPU to get close to the Series X frame rates. PS5 has a slower CPU even when shifting the power to it.


It is not really that much of surprise since XSX has a much better HW than the Ps5.

What really surprises me it is the fact it could end up being cheaper than the Ps5.

Wow just thinking about it like that makes it sound really bad, devs are absolutely have to juggle it all up by the sounds of it. They can’t have a good looking game because it’ll lower the FPS so they lower the GPU which makes the game look worse but get good FPS. Starting to sound a bit more clear to me now and this must be frustrating to 3rd party devs.

I hope that’s not the case for PS5 because that would be really shitty.

I’m sure the game will be fine on ps5 by launch.(well I hope it is for those that buy a ps5)

& I’m happy to hear that I can expect 4k 60fps on xbox series x (if I choose to buy the game)

It honestly depends what else comes out around the same time, loved the remake of 2 & 3, not played 7 yet, despite owning it, maybe I should get round too it :slight_smile:

The problem lies in Sony’s custom architecture and their API. While first party engines are already capable of that, not 3rd party engines. That’s why you see 3rd party developers hitting road blocks, and looking for solutions. Like what happened with Dynamic’s Orphan of the Machine where the game had trouble running PS5 at 120fps compared to X Series.

MS on the other hand uses Direct X which is widely used among developers.

All i’ve read over the past few days is how easy the ps5 is to develop for, so this seems really strange.

I’m sure everything will be fine come release


Where have you been hearing about this because sources and who you hear from matters some people just spew bs, I’m not saying in anyway that the comments are lying or not true just important where you hear from. If you hear it’s easy to develop on from a first party dev it’s a bit different than if a indie or third party dev said it.