[Rumor] Bungie soon part of the Xbox Game Studios?

The studio behind Destiny could soon belong to the Xbox Game Studios through a takeover. But so far these are all just rumors that were started by Jez Corden from Windowscentral and discussed with “Rand al Thor 19” in a new podcast. In the past there have been rumors that Microsoft is interested in a takeover, but Bungie has so far refused to accept the negotiated conditions.

Would you welcome this new addition or do you have bad memories of Bungie?

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Would absolutely love Bungie to come back.

I do wish they make a story based action adventure game or action rpg, rather than a GaaS game like destiny

Not sure if I’m for it. Destiny would have to stay multiplat but it would be a HUGE boon to Game Pass, then again they already have all of Destiny 2 and future expansions including new light on GP what would MS gain from acquiring them?

Then again the same can be said for Minecraft. Minecraft was already on Xbox and they didn’t make it exclusive because that would be a terrible business move as MC makes too much money on Playstation and even more so on the Switch.

The only benefits I could see is if Bungie would make other new IP’s that can be exclusive to Xbox/PC

Destiny would easily become MS second biggest IP after Minecraft. Having Destiny, Halo and Minecraft would be freaking insane if this actually happened.

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Bungie won’t release anything that doesn’t start with Destiny for at least another 4-5 years. Game Pass will have the full Destiny experience. Why buy them when everything they have to offer is settled on the Pass already? Keep in mind they are a VERY large and expensive studio, and it’s not like their recent track record has been flawless. As successful as Destiny 1 and 2 were, there was also development hell, changing objectives and content issues plaguing them at various points. For Bungie’s cost you could get various other triple-A studios doing much more games.


Only thing I can think of is MS would have a sizable cash flow from revenue generated from Destiny on Playstation and Steam. I’ll just throw a number out there and lets say they paid a billion for Bungie (probably over-estimate but w/e) I imagine MS would make that money back fairly quickly.

It may also help push console sales, Playstation would no longer have marketing rights or exclusive timed DLC for Destiny and I imagine having Destiny themed Series X/S and being a flagship game on Game Pass would push some sales…

Not that quickly considering the costs required to run a company like Bungie. This isn’t a Mojang situation.

It would make sense if both companies feel they could Minecraftitise Destiny with MS. I don’t know if using MS money, technology, cloud etc could make it multiple times more popular.

It’s not happening.

At most, you’ll get a publishing/marketing deal for Matter their new IP and maybe future Destiny marketing with Xbox

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Honestly can’t see this happening BUT why wouldn’t anyone want it? Bungie are a brand now - and to have that under the Xbox stable with whatever they release next being exclusive - yes please? And frankly if Xbox owned them you just make new Destiny 2 content exclusive to Xbox for a month…it makes business sense. But I can’t see Bungie being interested - I could see Xbox being very keen though.

Was Bungie a first party studio before? Or were they just a second party studio, because im positive it was the former

Either way, do not see this happening. Bungie wouldnt wanna rejoin an old partnership they were desperate to get out of and Microsoft are more in search of gaining fresh exciting studios than rehashing their old legacy, Im sure

This will still be a big thing for MS, help resolve some ‘bad blood’ perception that people have about the two companies. I agree this is more likely than a straight up studio acquisition

I think a marketing deal makes more sense at the moment. Bungie seem like they are tied to Destiny for a long time, only way I could see it being beneficial is if they were going to do a new IP next for Xbox.

Just doesn’t make sense to re purchase a studio they used to own. Has that ever happened before with another publisher?

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Matter is supposed to release between 2024 and 2025, so than can be worthy enough i guess.

Yes I’d absolutely be for it. I would be really disappointed if it was their only move though as I think they need to add several studios. If this was the biggest studio they add though I’d be happy with that.

Like the guys on the podcast said I don’t think bungie wants to be locked down I can just see a partnership with MS. Question to you guys is do you think MS will ever acquire companies without getting their IP because I remember reading that MS regrets a lot about not getting IP’s from the studios that make the games.

This makes me wonder if that’s why WB might not happen or why some studios will want to turn that down because they don’t want to lose their game.

Didn’t Tencent buy a stake in Bungie?

Does anybody have a time stamp when they are talking about Bungie ?

Not happening!!!

I don’t see this happening but it is fascinating how each company and the industry has changed since Bungie left.

Most importantly, how Microsoft has changed. They were notorious for getting in the way of devs, and now seem to be hands-off. They now release on console and PC. MS is purchasing devs with the promise of giving them the resources to fulfill their visions, a proposition that few other publishers can offer.

Most relevant is that they’re struggling with the Halo brand under 343. 343 has done a lot of good, and in fact excelled in some areas. But it’s been rocky and Halo Infinite missing launch was a pretty big misstep. It’s not easy making a ‘GTA-class’ open world game in 5 years and 343 had a ton of pressure put on them. It’s too late for Infinite, but thinking long term, maybe having Bungie as part of the MGS family can have a positive impact.

Bungie given enough resources to create multiple teams (including teams that work on indie & "AA’ titles) might be enticing? Maybe releasing on Xbox and PC only is good enough for them? I can’t imagine them wanting to stick to Destiny considering that they were wanting to move on from Halo long ago.

I don’t see it because of CD Projekt Red’s success as an independent developer not needing a publisher. Bungie can, and probably should, go that route. Publishing has changed a lot over the past 20 years and Bungie are likely capable of handling it all on their own.

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If it’s actually a “takeover” as supposedly described I don’t really see how that would be any good for either party. But on top of that Bungie is currently a one game/franchise company that may by mid decade put out a second game. I don’t really see the benefits in terms of pipelines or bolstering their catalog, especially when they just got Destiny with all the expansions coming to gamepass this holiday anyways. Making Destiny (or any sequel, which highly doubt happens any time soon) exclusive also wouldn’t go over well in a way that’s different to some of the other things acquired so far too.

If they were to go back to making a single player shooter like the first Halo games I would be happy about this news, but it seems they will be on Destiny 2 for a long time to come.

Also, if it’s to get more people to use game pass while Destiny 2 and content updates keep coming to PS platforms as well…not really worth the investment. But I wonder if Bungie is big enough that they maybe could work on a new game as well, that should people get to GP because that will undoubtedly be exclusive.

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