Review | Immortality - 10.0

Dont know about Her Story but Telling Lies and this is about finding various clips and in your head piecing it all together trying to figure out how it all intertwines

In terms of progress for this game, when you save your game it saves all the videos that you’ve unlocked so you can watch them again when you reload or know what goes where in the timeline

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Enjoy. All these games are great experiences.

You can save manually in Immortality in the start menu.

In Telling Lies, I think it’s when quitting and with autosave but I never had to think about it tbh. It’s also a short game. There’s a natural progression in that one, as you play a character you can see at some point in the game so you kind of know when you can take a break and quit safely.

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Thank you, everyone.

I’m running out of gas on this one. I hit the point where I’m just randomly clicking things just trying to find footage I haven’t scene.

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Yeah, you’re kind of forced to do that at some point. It means you’re close to the end.

Tip : You can use the D-pad to point to some of the stuff you may have missed. Not all though. You can also speed up scenes you’ve already seen with two pulls on the triggers. Use that with the click on the sticks to go through scenes quickly.


I am with you on the uniqueness of this game. I found myself interested in the stories in the films and piecing things together. I’d probably give an 8.5 or 9 out of ten. My one real complaint is that going from one clip to another is random, so there’s no deterministic way to solve the mystery and a lot of needless clicking and hoping.


Iv pretty much had my fill of this now, just a few more clips to get to get all achievements

I think the game is good, it’s extremely ambitious and putting this all together and having it all intertwine is very impressive, however there’s some major and minor flaws with it and quite frankly Barlows games in general

  1. The fact I had to read online just what all four of the icons on the top left on the screen meant is really bad, like why have it like that?

  2. I spent the first 10 minutes of the game trying to figure out how to get back to the screen with all videos on it because the game doesn’t explain that it’s intentional they all disappear and that once you watch the first clip, it’s all on you from there

  3. I get that everything is supposed to be disorganised and you’re supposed to figure out the timeline and whatnot but when I unlock those secret clips of the one and the other one why can’t they unlock somewhere on the timeline too? why can’t they start putting them on there and give you an option to manually move them around so you can actually feel like you’re placing something together, like a custom timeline of your own

All you get is to favourite each video and having to remember where each particular clip is, it’s just not fun design, not to mention the spam of some the clips, feel like I heard THE GREAT WAR like a dozen times

  1. The whole rewinding video mechanic was cool to discover at the start but it gets so old that by the end I had like 80% of the clips unlocked and going to the end of each and every clip and then rewinding simply isn’t fun, not to mention the whole clicking on random thing wasn’t good either because it just turns into a spam fest, Telling Lies you had to at least think about what words you wanted to use so there was more thought to it, this is just spam and hope for the best

TL:DR good game, incredible ambition and an interesting story that’s severely let down by mechanics, repetitiveness and interface


Very good critique, and it mirrors my own thoughts almost exactly. For my money it boils down to an intriguing story ambitiously told, held back by a poor interface and some questionable usability choices.

Hm, I would agree with your #3 and #1, it would have been neat to be able to collect those clips and a short description of the functions would also have been good.

As for #2 I think that was cool and intentional? And #4 is only an issue for a completionist, many games are tedious once you settle in for a grind beyond the main story.

It wasn’t just tedious at the end though, when you figure the mechanic out it’s cool and interesting but when you repeat that same tactic for every video it gets old very quickly

and considering that the game is all about figuring out the story and therefore meaning you need to keep doing it for as many videos as possible, I don’t think you can put that down to completionists, these are the main mechanics for the entire game

and I’m sure #2 probably was intentional but that doesn’t make it any better for me, just a waste of my time

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I guess I have a higher threshold then before I get frustrated. I didn’t find it to be tedious until way past the point where I was done with the game and only trying to get the last achievements for completion.

I was interested and watched the clips, rewinded when I got the cues so it was all very fluid to me. It sounds like you might have approached it in a more methodical way a bit earlier than I did. To each their own I guess.

I beat the game this morning it was awesome! If people are struggling I recommend playing with headphones when you are on the main screen going through clips. That definitely helped me beat the game.


This was her first acting gig straight out of college too. Congrats to her!


Nice. She was very good!