Review | Immortality - 10.0

the 6 or so hours I’ve spent with this game were some of the best I’ve had in a video game this year. I stand by it, and a lot of people agree with me. Saying I enjoyed this game takes nothing away from anyone else, you know what developers think? They think each other’s games are great and celebrate them.


I haven’t played this game, so don’t know if my opinion would fall in line with yours or @FacelessSamurai’s, but this response is incredibly flippant as far as I’m concerned.

Videogames are art. To see a videogame reviewer dismissing this artform as “just videogames” isn’t exactly encouraging me to take said reviewer’s opinion seriously.

Jesus, calm down. I was responding to him stating I’m “insulting developers” by liking this title. They are JUST VIDEO GAMES, it’s not worth getting so worked up over it. Take my opinion however you see fit. I write a lot of words to go along with the score that most people pay attention to.

If I didn’t state my case well in your opinion within the body of the review itself then I didn’t do the job I was trying to do. But to call it flippant to point out that getting so worked up about one person’s opinion about video games? I vehemently disagree with that assertion.

If people want to discuss the merits of FMV games as a genre please feel free to make a thread about it.


Le me be honest here, Jesse isn’t responsible for what you make out of his words.

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This post is literally:

It’s also extra hilarious that you shit on Jesse’s opinion, the genre, the game and it’s creator but you’ll still play the game for the fuckin’ achievements. :phil_lmao:

I am pretty sure that all of us here love videogames but being passionate about something doesn’t give you the right to be a dick, the review is Jesse’s opinion about the game…if someone doesn’t like the genre or disagree with the review (and we should at least play the fuckin’ game before commenting) there is surely a better and more polite way to do it than attacking Jesse. We all have our hot takes from time to time and we are not agreeing on everything but the ridiculous posts above are not the way to discuss things like adults.


Have played for an hour and this seems like a good level to put this game.


I bought the game because I love these types of games. I can’t wait to play it!


Move over Elden Ring, a new GOTY contender has emerged.

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That one goes to Peppa Pig.

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I have no fucking clue what is going on, or what I’m doing, or even how to do it! Or even why!

What is this thing?

Same here. Can some one spoiler what we are actually to do in the game without giving it away?

I have got two 30G achievements that have told me more about the game than the game has

Banal answer with no spoilers below but want to be safe

If you keep looking at new match cuts you should be fine; seems like it’s set up in a very smart way where you really can’t waste time unless you’re looking at the same scene over and over.

I played this for a couple hours last night and had to stop cuz it was getting late. I wanted to play more but I began falling asleep. It’s such a cool game that made me go “Wait, what??” several times. So freaking interesting and I wanna jump back in to play more.

Scene related spoilers:

There was this one scene I ran into in the first film where towards the end of the clip, the guy is stabbing a portrait of a woman with a fake knife. When I rewound the scene changed into the guy stabbing a real version of the woman, and he was getting stabbed himself afterwards.

Something else I encountered is this museum-looking scene in the second film. Towards the ends of this scene Marissa is speaking to someone. The person leaves and she turns to the camera and smiles. Afterwards the scene ends. If you rewind it though there’s two bloodied bodies standing beside her in a separate image?

I don’t exactly know what’s going on but this game is really keeping me engaged. It was solid playing it on XCloud too.

Yeah so this just stepped up a gear. Holy shit, basically.



Ok, so I was playing for maybe a bit less of an hour of this thing… kind of bored already and then…Oh my, what is going on ?? :scream: this is wild, my body was shivering…

I can’t say much but this stuff is haunting. I’m hooked.


:scream:what the hell is going on with this game. Shook!


I’m approx 5 hours in and believe I have the ‘final’ achievement. But even though I understand many things through my discoveries, I haven’t pieces it all together yet. More to do.

This is absolutely genius.

For anyone who has finished the game, please could you explain the below to me:

Does the game have an ‘end state’? The achievement I’ve gotten is the ‘what happened to Marissa Marcel’ so I’m not sure if there is more stuff to discover or if it’s just that I haven’t pieces it together in my head. Thanks.

did credits roll? You’ll know the “end point” though, it’s obvious and the achievement is worth more than the others.