Review | Dragon’s Dogma 2


This year



That does sound very good. Unfortunate about the quests though. A game like this, a map/world like this begs for some real deep and strong quests next to fetch quests.

As a console gamer I guess I’ll wait for patches :wink:

Does the main quest being good outweigh the side content being meh?

Yep, it’s so fun to play that I was ok with the quests overall.


Nice. I’ll put this on my wish list.

Great Review video…



So if you have a TV that supports VRR, which I do, can I expect it to be mostly 40fps and stable or will it still dip under?

It will absolutely dip under

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I’m in no rush to get it, so many games I’m currently busy with as it is. Who knows, round the time I want to get it Capcom might have smoothened it out.

it’s heavily CPU bound due to how it simulates everything. I don’t think it’s an easy fix or even one that possible

I see. Well, it is what it is then. While a 100% stable fps is always preferable, it isn’t the end of the world if it isn’t always.

I could kinda get they have unlocked framerate in benefit of future consoles, but is it so hard to implement a 30 fps cap toggle?

Till then I am not even considering getting this.

Damn. Stable>high for me.


Does the New Zealand Trick work for this game? If so we can play it in a few hours

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I’ll try tomorrow. I’ll report back if it is indeed playable early.

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I said a few hours early actually if it did work it would unlock 5am-8am us time tomorrow depending on zone.

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I saw some extremely cool clips of the game where the player makes use of the environment in a really cool way, this is the kind of stuff that more RPGs could use. More interaction, I guess.


Yep, but there’s a price for that on console at least which is the performance is just never gonna be as smooth as any other action game as that stuff requires a lot of compute power.

It’s playable using the NZ trick.