Review | AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES nirvanA Intiative

I dont think people even know game is being reviewed. Go on metacritic game doesnt even show

It seemed delayed but it’s up now. 2-6 reviews per platform. I think opencritic is up to 9 reviews now (codes came in LATE)

Do we know if it’s got any enhancements? The first game was 4K.

it looks clean, framerate is capped at 60 despite the x/s being powerful enough to hit 120. I was getting 400-600 on average on PC

They want full price 60 for this im sorry but this is no way a 60 game it looks 30 at best but more like 19.99 price

Well that’s one take, an incorrect take.

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Well worth $60. High production, 25-35 hour long game.


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Looking forward to playing this after completing the first which I am 9 hours into.

I already have it in my queue.


Doing good numbers now.


Didn’t get to play the first one but the review has convinced me to give it a try!

Not really a fan of VN, short attention span’s the culprit, but it looks like there’s a lot more to this one.


Well, I was even scared of anime before I played it… Loved it! It has a lot of QoL-things to handle dialogue and scenes if you get impatient or are backtracking too.


Loved the first one was gonna try to hold out for a sale… sigh well your review won preordering when I get home I blame this site for this!!


Im not gonna buy this digital at full price. But physical i will.

Interesting. Got my collector’s edition today and it’s not Friday. Sweet! Can’t wait to play!


After playing the first one through gamepass and feeling like a crazy person explaining the plot to my girlfriend… it’s well worth 60 usd to have that experience again


It pains me so much that this was delayed in Europe, i really wanna play it.

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Plus no physical edition.

It was delayed for the production issues with the physical edition there, I thought?

There is no physical for Xbox at all. Only PS and Switch.