Retro Review - Recore: Definitive Edition (XboxEra)

This is the first, in what will hopefully be a long series, of videos focused on older titles and how they play today. Our initial video is on Recore: Definitive Edition. Written by our very own @Doncabesa

Recore was one of the first Xbox exclusives we had this generation, but a rushed release lead to bad initial impressions and while the definitive edition did much to fix it, it was too late for many.

Have you played the game? Let us know your thoughts, as well as if you’d like to see more videos in this series.

Video Version:

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Great review, I still think recore has the potential to be an interesting top tier IP.

And hope Microsoft revisit the IP one day.

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Actually just started playing this today randomly. It’s half grabbed me, the map is annoying.

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Thank you!

Good job!

I fell off ReCore, but I hope to return to it someday.

I actually liked the game from the beginning. Beaten the game and DLC but not good enough in platforming to have gotten all the achievements.

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Recore had a nice gameplay loop and it’s moment to moment gameplay was fun. Bogged down by an empty world. Would have been much better if they did some serious editing and cut a lot of the fat. Believe it’s a franchise that has potential. Hope it’s not dead.

my question to the guys here - Could you guys provide examples of games that were initially mediocre or received badly but with sequels became exponentially good and well acclaimed?

Played/ Finished both versions. The Definitive Edition was totally a different game! Not even the developer fixed fans feedback but also improved the graphics, added storms, HDR, new dungeons, weapons, a hole new map and many more !

Playing the game with HDR a completely different game!

Easily ReCore Definitive Edition is the best DE happened in gaming till this day.

I wrote lots of articles about the game in the past years, the sequel, can improve the series by adding new combat mechanics & gameplay ones:

Combat: by adding new weapons [pistols, snipers, bows, traps, melee … etc] and have some fun mechanics playing with them around! Such metal gear V.

Gameplay: by adding more uses of the grabbing hook not for just finishing the enemies, maybe using it to go down from mountain edges to explore caves or climbing trees etc also the game needs more story driven missions, and unique bosses.

For people who’s asking why the world is empty? It’s related to the story of the game, and if there any chance for a sequel to be happen, I’m sure it’s no way to be like the first game.

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I loved this game. Amazing platform segments. With an extra polish could be something truly special.

To people who are starting, don’t skip the dungeons, it will prepare you for the final tower and will make it so you have enough cores for it as well.

This is the first video game review I’ve ever written. Any advice/critiques would be greatly appreciated as I look to do more moving forward.


I feel like Uncharted is most people’s best example. Though I believe it was rated well and sold well. Just didn’t hold up.

I loved the game even in its original form, and still need to play the DE (I’d prefer to play it on a proper 4K screen, which I don’t have yet). Needless to say, I would be immensely happy if the IP ever made a comeback. I can’t watch the review now, but I’ll definitely check it out later.

I think the better example would be games that were received poorly and had the narrative around them turn around. The key example if this is probably No Man’s Sky which had one of the more toxic launches in recent memory. A solid Xbox example would be Sea of Thieves which was a touch vapid on release and now has a thriving community.

As for Recore, I actually dug this game for what it was, although I do think it was a week first step in what could be a really neat 3D Platformer franchise.

I really enjoyed Recore - the gameplay, story, and characters.

The DE was a step in the right direction, and I think the IP has a lot of potential. Recore 2 could really shine as an XSX title.

I guess everyone has definitive edition now? Like it just upgraded for everyone?

Great review. I hope you will consider 4K video and HDR (for games that support it) in the future for the channel.

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I must finish this Game. Really like ist so far. I would appreciate a sequel with bigger budget .

If you have your console set to automatically install updates, yes. Of course, if you have the original retail disc, you can still install and play the game unpatched, although I’m not sure why you’d want to do that.

I happen to own both physical releases, and also the art book, and the Collector’s Edition that didn’t come with the game itself (yes, it’s one of those), but the Joule statue is quite nice, and the included steelbook is gorgeous. Hell, even the box is a thing of beauty.

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Cool just making sure I was playing the right one.