Retro Review - Recore: Definitive Edition (XboxEra)

Solid 6/10 game. I don’t know if i ever beat the final boss because it wanted me to backtrack to access the final boss and i didn’t feel like it. I remember being excited when it was announced but in the end it failed to meet expectations.

Nice review. I really enjoyed the game but also really wish it had a few more months in the oven to finish what was obviously a rushed main story. The tower levels were quite good with a mix of fun platforming and combat sections. Really good stuff. I also enjoyed the time and art style of the game as well. Hope they revisit the IP. Also curious to see how much the XSX shortens the 30 second load times.

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Great IP potential abused by a low budget smh

I might finally start this next week. I’m just a few bosses and the passive runs away from getting all the achievements in Cuphead so I may start it after that. It’s one of the few exclusives that I didn’t play this year. Looking at it from a distance I always thought it looked like a game that had a ton of character and great ideas but lacked the budget. I have to give credit to MS they did try to get some new IP going this gen that just didn’t pan out for the most part. I think they successfully started two franchises that have cemented themselves into the tier of Halo Gears and Forza and that’s Sea of Thieves and Ori. No I’m not crazy, I know those two new franchises aren’t the level of Halo in terms of fan base or sales but I feel like they aren’t going away anytime soon, and they shouldn’t because they are great. I feel like those where the only two real successes. I’ve already talked about Recore, and then there was the whole Scalebound debacle. And then the ones that got away, Ryse, TitanFall and Sunset Overdrive. I feel like those 3 could have been turned into massive franchises but for various reasons they couldn’t secure them as their own. I know insomniac wanted to keep the IP and that’s why they signed with MS but then Sony got the IP anyway. EA bought Respawn and the TitanFall IP and there was all kinds of stuff going on at Crytek. But looking back, it’s a little unfair to say Halo Forza Gears when they did try to take risks on new ideas, most of them just didn’t pan out. Sorry for the Ramble. Great Review! I’m definitely going to play this before the major fall releases start rolling out.

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xbox game dvr being broken is why it’s 1080p otherwise I would have captured gameplay in 4k. It is fixed now so my future reviews will be 4k/60

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Good job @Doncabesa :+1:

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A good review, although I think that it fails to convey just how great the platforming feels. Pulling off a perfect run in a traversal dungeon is an exhilarating feeling. If you’re into old-school 3D platforming, this game is for you.

Also, you fail to mention the best character in the game, V1-0LT :stuck_out_tongue:

Playing some more. It’s not just the map I find annoying. I have this green thing pointing to a task. There’s lots of other tasks in between though but they are not tracked so whatever I’m doing there is this green pointer in the distance.

So I’m at this stage not seeing the point of even having that tab. Also when you are fighting the machines. Do you choose, either take an orb or take parts?

I fully believe that if that game was being made today, it could have the impact of Ori at least. It’s basically Xbox’s Metroid. A shame that the Definitive Edition wasn’t the first release of the game, too.

That’s up to you, depending on what you want to upgrade next. Don’t worry too much about it, enemies respawn, and you’ll have plenty material to upgrade everything you care about.