Remedy and Rockstar will remake Max Payne and Max Payne 2


Yeeeees :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:


Those stories and the atmosphere was something else back then.

These I will buy.

So Rockstar is helping out?

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My favorite games from Remedy, this will be great


Wow that’s pretty cool ! And unexpected !

I was just replaying Max Payne 3 a few hours ago, thinking it would be great to have a remaster in 4K60 and HDR.

But 1 and 2 being remade is awesome.



Nice of Rockstar to let Remedy have a chance at making some Max Payne games as good as Max Payne 3.

Will they use their proprietary engine again ? I hope so. I want to see more of it.

Edit : yep.


Financed by Rockstar, wow. Ok nice.

Hopefully someday a Max Payne 4.

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It’s in the “concept stage” so 4 or 5 years away?


For sure

Alan Wake 2 was said to be for 2023, right? I’ll believe it when I see it.

To me that reads as them combining the two games into one new title… I wonder if I’m understanding that right.

Cannot wait!

Sadly, it’s probably late 2024 or late 2025 at the earliest so it’s going to be a long wait. Remedy making Alan Wake 2, and this has me really excited for them.

Probably a 2 in 1 like MGS 2+3 HD Collection.

For Remedy it’s a new title because it’s a game they are remaking almost from scratch I suppose. The first game is pretty rough by today standards.

I believe it is 2026 at best because it is in conceptual stage so at least 4 years away.

After 3 I wanted a fourth one so badly, but Rockstar didn’t bother with it obviously. I think Take Two said it wasn’t profitable enough?

Hopefully they’ll see things differently after those remakes. I miss these kind of games.


Using their engine, a new rendition of this game will probably do very well in terms of sales. They say it’ll be made as one game, so I’m guessing noenu with 2 games available but everything combined into a single experience?

The fact that it’s PC and next gen only is a god sign, it’ll be a looker for sure!

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