Redfall Update 1.1 (first quality update to the game)

So here we go ! Arkane Austin delivers its first quality update to the game with some small improvements to graphical fidelity and bug fixes. They are definitely working on improving the game. Let’s see how it goes.

Fellow Vampire Slayers,

We’re grateful to see that millions of you have explored the quaint but dangerous open world of Redfall. Building a play space this large has been humbling to say the least. We recognize that we still have work to do, and we plan to address as much as we can, as quickly as we can.

Your feedback has helped highlight key areas for improvement:

  • Enemy AI responsiveness
  • Enemy encounter frequency
  • Vampire combat efficiency
  • Improvements to graphical fidelity

Today’s release is only our first patch and introduces a lot of incremental fixes that will improve Redfall. Once available, we will be sharing more information about future updates, including our 60 FPS Performance mode, on our official social channels (@PlayRedfall).

We really appreciate everyone who’s been sharing gameplay clips and providing detailed feedback on Discord, Reddit, & Twitter – it means a lot! Thanks again for your support and patience. See you in Redfall.

-Arkane Austin


I’ll give it another shot.

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I really hope they stick with it and make this game great for the fans who bought it and/or still have hopes for it.


It seems like they also made the game more diffcult especially in coop with more reactive enemies.

Looks like a good patch with a lot of covered issues, if not entirely fixed.


Thread title needs patched :upside_down_face:

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oh man, how did I miss that !! :joy:

Edit : done ! thank you !

Hopefully not too many people are put on it, because I’d love for them to move on, make that game they really want to. And assuming what Jason said is true, its already not a very big team.

They hired new people.

They can’t just drop the game yet, they already sold 2 future characters. might as well do all they can till the second drops, leave the game in the best state possible for gamepass


“Millions of players”

Game Pass:


No matter how much you patch this game, at the end of the day it is another mediocre open world shooter. Kudos to Arkane Austin for trying to make this right, but the sooner they clean their hands of this the better.

That’s good news about new hires.


You know you don’t have to be here bro but anyway this is a good first step


How much did you play?

20 Hours. Beat the game on the Hard Difficulty.

There needs to be a complete design overhaul on how the systems of Redfall can be interacted with the player. I’m not saying it’s impossible – even Homefront The Revolution managed to do it which is what this game reminds me of the most. End of the day it’s just not the project I wanted out of Arkane Austin at all.

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Good, then we can engage in discussion :wink: Too many morons out there you know.

I found it to be a decent shooter, but I first and foremost treated it as an immersive experience. There was a lot of small stories to be found in the world, and that exploration kept me going. Did pretty much all the side content I could find and I think there’s a lot more to the game than just a random shooter.

I do think it could have been a lot better if every trace of the old game idea was erased though. The abilities should have been available earlier, too many characters and they could ease up on the loot for example. The story could have been presented better, especially in the first part. I think pretty much all of the extra things I found in the world during my 50 hour playthrough could have enhanced the main story in a more direct way.

I can imagine how lacking it would seem without any of the extra stuff and/or rushing through the main game.

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The first region is one of the biggest slogs that prevent you from really get into the meat of the game – which is the second region. There’s so much more thought put into the level deisgn for region 2 that it almost feels as if region 1 was a preliminary / tutorial region.

And I’ll be real I REALLY like the narrative and storytelling in Redfall. It’s the game’s strongest trait. I just hate that the mission structure sort of mutes it instead of complimenting the narrative.

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Yeah, the stories were great. For sure the strongest point of the game, and what i usually focus on fortunately. The mission structure was indeed strange and did not work very well in tandem with the world.

They should have condensed the first area, and given the game a much stronger beginning. I think so many people must have dropped off before the game really takes off in part two, which is a shame.

When does this patch go live?