Redfall Update 1.1 (first quality update to the game)

My copy auto updated last night.


Ok, will continue. i liked what I played, just needs more polish, which this update addresses. Hopefully, 60fps is not too far away.


Mediocre Third Person Saventures on the other hands? We totally need more of those!

(Seriously, I don’t have a horse in this race, but this kind of remark is so weird when we’re littered in third person action games. )

…where did you get third person from?

Come on man. They make Immersive Sims. I wanted an immersive sim. Instead of fully committing to being a co-op shooter the team instead tried to satisfied both audiences and instead fell flat.

Good on them to make game better

I only got to give the update a quick spin. Had some initial thoughts…

Human AI: Tweaks are good and this hits straight away, human enemies are much harder and seemed more tactical (some cases a little too good with their aim) Still feel weak in in terms of not noticing bodies etc definitely promising if they keep going with it.

Vampire melee changes: Didnt notice this at all really, vampires now feel oddly much less threatening than humans, which feels off. Wish vampires were mixed in with cultists and their was some gameplay synergy there.

Tech stuff: still no 60, but having the materials and textures stream in correctly is obviously great, forgot the game is actually rather pretty at times…

Improved World Encounters: Not really sure what I was expecting here. But felt the same to me.


I’ve noticed the harder difficulty as well. My default ways of dodging bullets did not work anymore.