Redfall: See How Jacob Got His Mysterious Powers


Good trailer, showcases some immersive sim stuff as well.

Another spoiler trailer?

Not sure. Maybe some hints about the origins of powers that Jacob got at some point? Anyway, his kit looks really appealing now after watching this.

Aight, I’m not watching these hehe. I’m very much into the story, lore and things to immerse myself so trying not to be spoiled.


Same here lol. I pretty much also know I will be going with Jacob as well since I normally go sniper in these type of games.


I can’t believe he got his powers from a lottery ticket he got from his grandma, who turns out to be a vampire that killed his friend Joe

Anyway the trailer looks nice! I’ll be playing as him most likely because I like the idea of sniping and going ghost with a pistol.


I am conflicted between Layla and Jacob.

I love characters with supernatural powers and Layla reminds me of the Siren from Borderlands which I always use, but Jacob’s abilities seem great too.

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Yeah, I’m going Jacob too. I think that will fit well with playing solo and do a more immersive playthrough. Plus he seems like the least silly character.

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I’ll be playing Jacob. Not because I care about the character (not yet anyway, aka these are just trailers & we know little of the plot) but because he’s a sniper.

There isn’t a game with long range weapons in which I don’t play as a stealthy sniper. Skyrim, Far Cry, Mass Effect trilogy (yep, Infiltrator class through & through)… all great sniper games. And if there isn’t a sniping weapon in a game (or even a bow), I’ll pick a rifle or carbine. Same principle.

I so badly want to like this game but nothing about this game looks…good? Graphically it looks like a good last gen game with no indication that all the footage isn’t being run on beastly pcs. Characters seem weirdly generic so far and I am really wondering how much you will really see them develop with it being co-op centric. Gunplay looks better than their usual titles but with the game being more shooter focused then their other games…its still subpar. The powers are definitely cool and a bright spot and thats one of the areas Arkane shines in for sure.

I am really hoping that upon release and reviews I will be massively proven wrong but this game look so far…how does Easy Allies say it, “swimming in 7s”. Looks like it might be fun and a blast for some people but mostly a forgettable experience.

That said as always I absolutely would LOVE to be proven wrong.

I feel the same but I’m withholding judgement till I play it, but I still stand by my initial thoughts z why make a vampire game but you make us play as humans.


Im on the same boat but theres one thing were forgetting. Its a heavily gameplay driven game that we havent seen much of in terms of how the game is structured from pacing and level design.

And ultimately. Its on Gamepass. If this was a 70 dollar purchase only id wait for a sale for sure.


It will all depend on how good the story is for me. Or if the gameplay is really fun like halo infinite. I can’t imagine it being worse then far cry 5, which I played a bit of, the gunplay in that game feels really quite janky though, but the story is quite interesting as are some of the tasks. Eager to get the redfall verdict.

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It’s definitely not a game I’d be confident preordering. Glad the wait is almost over though

Graphically I think it’s fine. There’s nothing current gen which blows us away anyway & Redfall looks similar to most releases these days, i.e. clean image quality & higher framerates being the biggest jump since last gen. The PS5 is no different (in fact they just endured way worse with the very subpar Forspoken). So I feel graphics & visuals are the last thing I’d criticise Redfall for (because it also seems like current-year console wars are impacting that particular aspect of the release without any real basis in reality, i.e. with all the “this looks last gen!” comments mostly coming from PS console warriors).

The part of Redfall I’m most critical of so far are the characters who look straight-out of a TV show I’d avoid at all costs. I mean give me something like James Woods & Daniel Baldwin in John Carpenter’s Vampires, not whatever we see here in Redfall (like a bad Disney + Marvel TV show aimed at teenagers).

It’s just a minor gripe I won’t think of at all when I’m playing but nonetheless I really don’t feel like these characters appeal to me at all.

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Yeah that’s a fair critique. The characters are very ‘co-op’ OTT differentiated style which I think partly is why so many keep coming back to this being L4D when its not.

And the characters being quite cookie cutter could be a concern. I do think that their abilities and builds look really good though. Which is what matters most - the game being fun. But yeah - it does feel overly gamified in that aspect and I suspect when people watch the gameplay that is really what is the most offputting aspect.

Still for me its the game I’m most excited for this year.

Sure, I’ll be there one on Game Pass for Redfall. I enjoy all the games it has been compared to (Borderlands, Destiny, Far Cry) so I’ll probably enjoy this as well.

It makes me laugh when I see console warriors trying to make it look bad or create a narrative that it looks bad. I mean who are they kidding? It’s a video game & it looks like one. I’d like to know what else is out there that can scratch the co-op shooter itch with Vampires in an open world? Nothing.

The only part I haven’t liked so far is the characterization but that’s just me. It seems like games have trouble hitting a sweet spot these days, i.e. it’s either way overly melodramatic depressing characters with more issues than I can count or they go for the totally opposite way with zany edgy stylized over-the-top characters who look & talk like superheroes.

Agree. BJ Blazkowicz for me is one of the best playable characters in modern gaming. He was obviously a super soldier. But they built the character really well with some nuance so he was a contradiction without becoming overly indulgent or whatever…

I think you’re right in that we go down either ‘marvel guardians of the galaxy’ character routes now or try and make the games characters into something out of an artsy movie that is just too much for what is still a video game.

Well that pretty much confirms that the videos we have seen have been high end pcs.

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