Redfall previews

The Ai being bad worries me for a game like this. Its still a looter shooter at heart and with the AI looking worse than Borderlands it could definitely become a chore to play after a while. Although the story telling/lore could pull you forward. Improved gunplay is good but with shooting looking to be such a large focus of this game? Bad and dumb AI is such a let down. Deathloop was a ton of gunplay and the AI felt bad in that but like, that was kind of fine cause it didn’t feel like the main focus of the game like this is.

Seems liked mixed impressions. Some think it looks great, some think it looks better than they thought, others still actively disliked it.

Will definitely have to see what happens when it fully launches this game seems like it will be Arkanes weakest title overall imho.

It really bugs me when they only show PC gameplay especially when the game isn’t that much of a looker. Deathloop had issues for me on my Series X so I am hoping they done better with Xbox…really want to see it running on the console.

Yeah it was a downer for sure. Dan was very critical of the enemy AI.

I should probably try out the Easy Allies preview. I stopped following them after Jones left, so maybe it’s finally time for me to dip back in.

Ah man, the AI? That saddens me. I only skimmed through VGC’s preview and I don’t think they mentioned AI. It wasn’t great in Deathloop either, in fact rather stupid at times. But I had no issues with that in the Dishonored games and Prey. Truly great AI can make such a big difference. Just look at the Halo games, I love the AI there. And while I haven’t played TLOU2, i hear the AI is awesome there too.

AI remains one thing in gaming that I’d like to see improve big time for many games still.

The one negative thread that the previews mostly had was the AI is the same old Arkane AI. Which for Dishonored and Prey worked fine because it was mostly about stealth, exploration and killing baddies in interesting ways or avoiding combat entirely. Deathloop though? I mostly enjoyed it but the AI is rough there and as the game went on it started to be unenjoyable and I just avoided most encounters cause it was just bad. Seems to not really have improved and with the games more shooting focus, especially it being co-op, I feel like it will ultimately hurt the game, especially towards the end.

What is meant by “bad” AI in this case?

Easy Allies basically mentioned its very “videogamey” enemies kind of just run at you with no real strategy or anything. Like just a bunch of dumb things that don’t realize or understand they can get shot or die. He said it was very similar to Deathloops AI which wasn’t great.

Ah, I haven’t played Deathloop. Well, is it the same for the vampires as the cultists? Sounds like a realistic approach to cultists, heh.

Having seen videos from Russian “tactics” in Bachmut I’m not so sure anymore if video game “dumb” AI is that far off in a lot of scenarios.


That is very unfortunate. Imagine if these vampires actually were challenging and calculating, you know, like Halo’s enemies. Taking cover, outsmarting the player maybe. Haven’t watched new gameplay anymore but do they taunt the player, do they talk to you?

It’s a joy to fight baddies in Halo.

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To me it’s just wild devs still put out games with worse AI than Halo 2 and 3


From all the previews I read/watched, the general impression is that the vampire AI was fine, but the human AI was not. It also sounded like the AI’s strength is in having bigger numbers. I am still optimistic that it will be tweaked/balanced well enough as this demo may have been from an older build and also the game is still 6 weeks out.

I have that hope as well but Arkane has never had good ai so I’m concerned

In Arkane games the fodder enemies have dumb AI on purpose. Deathloop would not have been fun if the AI was too good.


I wouldn’t mind that difference between vampires and cultists. Mowing down dumb f**ks who’s biggest strength is in their numbers to get to the real enemies sounds good.

This is what I was hoping for. It sounds much more realistic, or fitting.

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Hopefully it won’t be a negative in this game then. The idea of actual smart vampires to me sounds great, but maybe it’s fine.

Halo, Doom and Gears ruined a lot of singleplayer shooters for me. The enemy design in those games is just leagues above the likes of CoD and Far Cry. It even hurts games like Bioshock. I’m just incredibly bored shooting dumb humanoid enemies that just sorta stand there and occasionally change cover.

Giant Bomb also complained about the AI in Redfall while moving around in stealth. Like you could bump right into the enemies and their vision cones / audio recognition was too bad to detect you.

I’ll still probably give Redfall a shot though if it reviews well enough.

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Do we know what difficulty the game was played on though? Sounds like something that could be bumped up in settings.

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The appeal of Arkane games, to me, isn’t combat. It’s the atomosphere, world building, and exploring that world.


Yeah there are multiple difficulties, but Giant Bomb and Easy Allies (which put out a great preview imo - glad I checked them out) did not say what difficulty they were on. So, hopefully the AI improves with difficulty. The highest difficulty is unlocked after beating the story.


That last bit reminds me of Wo Long, you can stand almost in front of baddies and they won’t see you, until you are super close, I don’t like that.

Yeah, I got ya on those three games. AI is great there, it’s a joy to fight locust in Gears. And I also love their chatter, I love how Grunts throw insults at Chief in Halo Infinite, I adore it actually.

I hope we get some foul mouthed vamps in Redfall, lmao.

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