Redfall previews


What pleased me a lot is no MTX. That’s pretty rare (sadly) these days.


Reading the VGC preview, I love these bits :


From Prey to last year’s Deathloop, the studio’s approach to guns has always felt a bit like an afterthought – a perfunctory RPG tool rather than a genuinely tactile-feeling mechanic. There are no such complaints to be levelled at Redfall. Here the simple act of shooting is endlessly satisfying. Pistol rounds pop with a pleasing thud, shotgun blasts ring out like a death knell – the core combat just feels good.

Level design

As you wander through a lavishly rendered abandoned art deco movie theatre, hints of Arkane’s past work shine through. Each individual house you break into is intricately rendered, littered with the kind of authentic human touches that offer the kind of environmental storytelling that you’d expect from a traditional single-player Arkane outing.

Environmental storytelling

While you have a main story to follow, most of the wider context comes in the form of environmental storytelling and letters you find strewn next to hastily abandoned buildings or lodged in the pocks of the corpses of what came before.

They even compared the gunplay a little to Destiny, which I see as a great thing.


on defining duke they said they played on PC. Did anyone play on xbox?

Lower case f.

Arkane have done it again.


So all footage we got today is likely from PC? That’s good to know. It shouldn’t be a world of difference with XSX though.

I think no one captured their own footage, and it was provided by Arkane.

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Surprised to see so much praise for the gunplay

While I was expecting improvements, it seems to be a very big upgrade


Honestly, this is a key mechanic in the game, so if they didn’t nail this it would seriously hurt the experience for sure. Did they get help from the Doom guys or am I thinking of something else now?

Aside from the AI stuff, the rest of the game looks great, cant wait to play it, haven’t played an arkane game yet except deathloop.

I was 100% hyped. Now I’m at 200%. I can’t wait to play it.

Gameplay looks great now in the hands of real players and with the UI. It looks gorgeous too. Apparently it’s on UE 5, not 4, so that’s great news if so.


So glad this game is turning out better than expected. Them working to remove the online requirement is some of the best news from these previews.

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All of them using the same footage makes me sad, and feel a little less bad about not being invited.


Arkane never misses


Yeah everyone’s YouTube video having the same footage stopped me from watching more than one preview. It’s disappointing, but I guess I can get more takes from the various podcasts I listen to. I only watched Giant Bomb’s video.

Oh… I only watched JackFrags so I thought it was him playing… Still looks better with each new gameplay video though.

Not the most positive one, either. I disliked how meandering it was. Honestly didn’t feel like I Iearned nearly as much about the game as I did from ones like Easy Allies.

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I do wish we would have some Xbox footage by now, I’m sure it’s gonna look very similar to PC, of course never identical since PC always have those extra options but I’d still like to have seen some now.

I really do hope they DO show Starfield running on XSX in June. It’s one thing I wish MS would do a little more, I don’t need PC footage, I’m here for Xbox, the console, ah well.

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