Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart (new trailer)

What do y’all think


Looks good. Diminishing returns are definitely going to hit hard this gen though, unless these early games are not using next gen features and power fully. This is the first gen when im not like “wow that looks next gen” apart from the hellblade 2 face model. I guess I just need to accept that big visual jumps of the past are not going to happen anymore.

This looks utterly good.

And it looks like the release date is a lock.

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It looks phenomenal. If it releases this year, they have a winner. Impressive.

Edit : my bad, I didn’t see the date at the end.

This game is going to be huge and I can’t wait to play it. For a long time we’ve heard people talk about earlier Ratchet games looking like a Pixar movie, but this one truly feels like it’s entering that territory, and it’s doing so in engine, in real time.

It’s out in 45 days.

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Did it has a release date before ? I didn’t know that. That’s real soon. If it was on PS4, I would have bought it.

I think they announced the release date months ago.

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With Xbox One we didn’t get many games from their own studios with truly amazing visuals except for the usual Gears and Forza, and even Halo 5 just didn’t wow me visually speaking. This time around we have a lot from XGS to look forward to.

this game looks fucking phenomenal now.

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Fun for kids!

Damn that looked sexy :heart_eyes: Shame I sold my PS5. If they ever become easy to get I will get one in a few years into this generation and this will be one of the games I will be grabbing.

they really used a Devo song for R&C :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

looking good

edit: the singer is actually working with them :skull:

I gotta hand it to em, Sony has the best in-game cinematics pipeline in the entire industry, this shit looks like a Pixar movie at times (and I don’t mean Pixar from a decade now, but Pixar now). I can only imagine how good Spidey 2, Horizon 2, GOW:R and the next Naughty Dog game shall look, sheeesh

This game is the primary reason I fought so hard to get a PS5 now and not wait. Can’t wait.

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Looks like there’s a SoP for this soon as well, guess it’s Sony’s turn to dominate the news cycle.

Cool cool

Looks amazing!!! Played Ratchet 2016 just over a year ago and couldn’t believe that I slept on it for so long but it won me over as it’s a great game and the only “kids 3D platformer” that im interested in playing.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is the second best looking game I have seen for current generation and im very much looking forward to playing it day one. Will definitely be watching the State of Play on Thursday.

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The game does look great, and I will definitely get it for my PS5 at some point. But I have to laugh a little bit at the hyperbole that people use when talking about a game like this being like playing a Pixar movie. Everyone focuses on CGI cinematics and photo mode shots with many of the Sony games, but the graphics hype for me never meets reality when actually playing on my 65" 4K 120Hz TV from way too close :slight_smile: Don’t get me wrong, this is top tier great looking stuff, just not that different looking at all IMO to the Ratchet and Clank that I just played from PS+ on the PS5 recently.

The interesting thing for me is that I really loved Ratchet and Clank when I played the series for the first time recently, but I may actually hold off now on getting this new one until a little while later to avoid the $70 premium because ultimately it is pretty much more Ratchet with some “rifts” just to show off SSD.

At a certain point you’re going to hit some limits with cartoon styled games. Do Pixar movies from 2020 look dramatically better than the ones from 2010? I’d say not really.

The improvements are in the finer details. The shading of the fur and other character elements, lighting, particles, ray tracing, higher frame rates and resolutions. Rift Apart is going to look incredible on a 4K tv that does HDR well.

Jump to the later part of this video and see the close up character comparison.

Agreed. It will look amazing on my CX OLED!!!

I agree that it makes some graphical improvements and plan to play it on my 4K TV at some point too where it will look awesome. I just don’t think that this game is somehow showcasing a “next gen” leap graphically, as this is far more about a crazy talented developer in Insomniac with a great art team doing a 3D platformer game that also helps to constrain the focus graphically compared to a fully open world type game for example.

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