Quick Resume is nice, but hit or miss for me

Now, I’m not in the insider program, so maybe they have fixed this mostly by now but…

Sadly this feature has been a “gamble” so far, plenty of games it works great like AC Valhalla, Immortals but then there’s also Watch Dogs Legion and for some reason it doesn’t work with it. It’s odd, because all three Ubi games have online connectivity.

But even a Xbox One game like Yooka Laylee and the impossible lair just doesn’t work, keeps rebooting after I test quick resume. I am guessing this feature is a bit tricky for devs and MS but I hope they succeed in working out the kinks.

Secondly, hopefully in the feature they let us check which games are in QR because there doesn’t seem to be a way to really see this. Which can be quite annoying when you have quite a bit of games installed. Or is there a way to check which games are in there?

I’d really like to know this too - is there a section in the menus where it tells you what games you currently have on quick resume? I lost my MGSV spot so guessing that’s not a quick resume right now?

I got some weird results with quick resume. I’m playing Valhalla and it was working even when my console was on energy save power mode (it should work on that mode, right?). Suddenly it stopped working and now only works on instant on mode and the quick resume banner disappeared from the screen when I load the game.

For me quick resume is an absolutely fantastic feature :slight_smile: Dragon Quest 11 is a giant game and quick resume works flawless :heart_eyes:


It can be hit or miss and for some strange reason I think if you use media apps it pushes games out of quick resume. If they can perfect this feature though… man what a treat. Also if they could make a menu that shows what’s in quick resume or allow us to select 2 games to always hold in quick resume that would be great :+1:. That way I could choose cyberpunk and dragon quest as my 2 games and then when I switch to fuser it can just ignore that game.

Phil said on the recent episode of Major Nelson’s podcast that they have heard the feedback and are working on getting features for quick resume like a queue so you’ll be able to see them presumably.

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That would be ideal because right now you just kinda have to guess which games are in there.

Say that I boot up ACV, WDL, Gears 5, Immortals (for example) and some smaller games. And after a month or so I just want to remove a few of these (since they drastically lower my download speed too, it’ll be one big guess to see which games are in there.

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That’s weird because Valhalla stopped working for me. It seemed to work at first, but after a while I would just get nonstop connectivity error messages after resuming.

Jedi Fallen Order was the other big one that didn’t work for me; after resuming it always claimed the signed in profile had changed and booted me back to the title screen.

It’s been working great for me but not for Valhalla, flawless in Cyberpunk though.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon quick resume was flawless. However for games where you have to log on to a server it’s a miss. I think best thing they should do for a update is create a tab and show you which games are on quick resume or allow you to turn it off/on for certain games

Yea they need to nail this down as when it works it is great but it is way to sporadic to depend on. When I got my Series X at launch it was about 1 month before it work on any of my games. Now it works on some but not others.

They also need to have a menu showing all the games currently in quick resume mode and they need to fix network throttling so your downloads do not slow down if you have games paused or in quick resume

This is so weird. I literally can’t think of a single time it hasn’t worked for me. I must be super lucky with the selection of games I’ve been playing.

Quick Resume on Dishonored 2 stoped working for me, and other games like Control seems like is working fine but the icon doesn’t appear.

Same here. The only time I haven’t had Quick Resume work was when the game received a patch, so that’s understandable. I am on Insider Alpha ring though, so maybe I have newer dashboard than others here.

Only issue I have had with Quick Resume is with NHL 21, the HDR doesn’t turn on unless I quit the game and boot it up again.

Other than, it’s been flawless.

That’s definitely it. I also recall that Xbox was busy with a update to fix Quick Resume problems, so there’s a chance you have that update by now.

I was just surprised that Yooka Laylee: And the impossible Lair didn’t work, it being a Xbox One game and all.

Only game that doesn’t work for me now is WatchDogs. Even games that didn’t work pre-patch (Valhalla/FH4) are fine now

I was just playing Immortals and then decided to continue with My Friend Pedro and it worked fine.

So when it works, it’s awesome :slight_smile:

I’ve yet to experience the glory of Quick Resume.

No idea if it’s the games I’m playing - - -

Valhalla, Tetris Effect, Sims 4…

But I’ve never had a chance to experience it.

It’s a myth.

Not sure if you’re joking or not… without closing down the game, press home, switch from Valhalla to Tetris, and then switch back again. It will say Quick Resume in the top right corner, and you’ll be back exactly where you were.

Don’t even need to pause, do it during a cutscene in Valhalla and when you go back you’ll be right there in the middle of the cutscene