Quick Resume is nice, but hit or miss for me

Oh maybe I don’t know how to use it then. I fully close every game I play.

Now I feel really stupid

Spotty for me

Disappointed that I expected it to be spotty and it is

Give it a try as said above, could change how you play games entirely. I have five games on the spin and just jump instantly between them now

Tried to go from Immortals back to Bleed 2 (it’s the new GwG game, or last months) and QR didn’t work. I thought all Xbox One games were supposed to work except for a small few? Ah well.

According to Brad Sam’s latest video on the insider program quick resume has already been patched and the issues it has are suppposively not there anymore. It was also supposed to launch in the December update but holidays had arrived and they pushed it back for January.

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I’m in the insider program and it has been working fine for me with Cyberpunk so there’s that.

It’s been really solid for me. Valhalla even had some disconnects when coming back from QR that required a full restart to connect and now the game just handles everything gracefully and I don’t even see the error message about not being able to connect to ubi servers anymore

I don’t think I’ve had a single major issue with it so far, really impressed. It works flawlessly with big games like RDR2, Gears 5, Horizon 4, Jedi Fallen Order. I’ve saved a crazy amount of time switching between these games. It can and will be better in time (knowing which games are saved would be nice) I’m sure! But so far, game changer for me, and best new feature imo.

Do you have the latest insider build? Because it sure would explain it. If not, interesting. It really seems to differ per person.


right now it’s hit or miss with it actually working , but when it does it’s magical , i lean on the side of everything long term it will work flawlessly so i am giving it leeway now . Some of the things that would improve Quality of Life with the feature , like a menu that would tell me what games are in quick resume and also tell me when booting something else would break a quick resume would be nice. but also luckily seem like obvious next steps to make (i’ve been vocal where i can on providing this feedback regardless though ).


No just the production build. I haven’t tested a ton of games though, mainly the 4 I’ve listed and maybe a couple more.

I am an insider but so far haven’t joined with the SX, so just the regular build for me.