Quick Resume bug fixed for Xbox Series X|S in the latest build + other improvements, rolling out soon


How long usually until this is for non insider?

Depends, in this case I think it will be very short but it can take months for a feature that appeared in alpha to make to everyone.

Anyone else weird like me and close the game they’re playing after your done playing? Maybe it’s a habit from the Xbox One or something.

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I actually do this too. Hard to break old habits I guess.


I haven’t had any issues so far with Quick Resume, it’s simply brilliant. But it’s nice to know they are fixing the issues.

I honestly thought it was a gimmick before I received my XSX, and wanted to know if you could disable it to get more storage space. Boy oh boy was I wrong. Game Changer, quite simply (imo).

Right now I have Red Dead 2, Forza Horizon 4, Jedi Fallen Order, Tetris Effect Connected and probably 1-2 more in “quick resume” mode. From a cold boot of the console to playing Red Dead 2, it literally takes less than 20 seconds. Swapping to Horizon 4 for a quick race takes about 5 seconds.

These games are huge and took minutes to load on my Xbone S. The Xbox HW team is in another league man.

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Wish they would change how the network throttling works, if I have a game in quick resume mode but I’m navigating the dashboard it should not throttle me. I wish they would give us the option to just turn off throttling all together, when I’m playing a single player game I want my downloads to complete fast in the background.

Sometimes on previous Xbox’s I’d launch a game to play while waiting for downloads to complete

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oh boi oh boi

Perhaps due having instant on all the time but I’m usually not downloading anything when I’m actually playing so I don’t mind the throttling.

But I do agree that just throttling to a % of your max bandwidth is super stupid. They could just prioritize the game and still allow other tasks to consume the remaining bandwidth.


I am never quiting this game on my Xbox

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When I have a game stored in Quick Resume it doesn’t affect my download speeds. Are you sure you guys don’t have a game in a suspended state – which would indeed affect download speeds?

What I do when I want to leave a game on Quick Resume and maintain download speeds is to open a game I don’t want to play and immediatelly close it. This way the second-to-last game I was playing is on Quick Resume, and there are no suspended games because I closed this last game that I didn’t care about.


I got into that habit from the Xbox One. Now I do that for games I don’t care to use up a Quick-Resume slot. :smiley:

Yeah suspended. But for me it’s like always something running in the background lol

I do because suspend/resume is terrible on Xbox One. So it just became habit to not use it.

Given I had low expectations of Quick Resume, combined with the SSD meaning games don’t take long to load, I still won’t bother using it I don’t think. I have used it a little bit and it’s mostly worked so far, but I’ve had some issues.

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I will be glad when this is fixed, in my long use of my Series X I have seen the quick resume tag only twice so it has been pretty sparse for me that the feature actually works.

Yep, suspended or quick resume their is no good way to tell, the only way I know is when my downloads are slow so I go and hit quit on any games still open.

I’d like to just turn off the entire concept of throttled DL speeds

Quick Resume has stopped working again for me. Hopefully, this new fix works.

QR was working for AC Valhalla for the last couple days, but just now after booting up from instant on the game completely loaded up, no QR.

If that fix can truly fix things like this it would be great because right now for me it’s not exactly reliable.

Turns out I was wrong.

What actually happened last night when the console was in instant on is it was downloading a new update for ACV.

That explains it all :slight_smile:

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Quick resume is now working the majority of the time for me, but they’re still instances of it not working. Annoying.