Questions and Suggestions regarding the recent Community hub

Hi everyone!

First of all I’d like to thank the mod and admin team for their incredible work in building and investing in this place in order for it to grow like it has. A forum and community is nothing without its users, but equally so, it is nothing without the hard work and time/resource investment of the moderation and administration teams.

As we all know the forum recently underwent some changes. Personally I agree with these changes, although I have to say it will take some time to get used to the way the forum is structured right now.

While I agree with the recent changes and think it makes total sense to make this separarion (Resetera uses a similar system and I think it works well for them) I would like to better understand the criteria with which the separation between the Gaming and Community hubs is taking place.

Community is clearly a place for the users to hangout and discuss their favorite topics and games. But is it only OTs? If so, why isn’t the Studios OT included? The Xbox Acquisition OT is included in the Community hub, but the Studios isn’t, and I would say, well, the Studios OT is very much a Community thread regarding the topics of Xbox Game Studios, no? Perhaps I am wrong, and I’d love to be proven wrong! I very much want to better understand the perspective and position of the mod and admin team regarding this.

Another doubt I have is if the Community hub is only for games. So will the PS5 and Nintendo Switch OT remain at Gaming, even though they are OTs? But then again, if Community hub is only for games, we have the Xbox Acquisition OT in the Community hub which is not about games, it is about M&A strategy for Xbox.

Additionally, not all OTs for games are included in the Community hub. The rule is that the OTs should move to Community after 3 months. However, after a quick search, it is possible to notice many OTs that are present in the Gaming hub older than 3 months, which “triggers my OCD”. Will all OTs eventually move to Community, or in other words, is it a work in progress? :slight_smile:

Sorry, I am starting to hate myself and my brain from coming up with all these doubts, ahaha. I hope the mod and admin team are able to answer to my uncertainties surrounding this.

Additionally, this thread is open for all other fellow members to expose their doubts, questions and suggestions regarding the recent changes.

Thank you!


Thanks for all the feedback and food for thought.

Our goal for the forum is to create wider discussion and more communities within our community. For example; Halo, achievement hunting, Game Pass, etc. But besides this we also want the XboxEra Forums to be a place to discuss news and trends in gaming. Which is done in separate news threads and the Community & Xbox/PlayStation/Nintendo OT’s.

This is the reason why we’re looking at how to build our forum so it highlights those threads besides the 2/3 threads we now use a lot. Me and Sik will look at the list of OT’s we currently have and will decide how to further strengthen our idea, but also look at the feedback from you and other members of the community.

So, I hope we can soon get back to you with a perfect explanation why we put threads in each category.


I prefer having the 2/3 main threads and I also don’t like that as soon as a certain topic that’s “hot” takes over a thread the mods create a thread for it. Like it make sense on paper to give certain topics their space, but not every “hot” topic is hot enough to carry its own thread and then I just lose interest in wanting to talk about it.

Thanks for the feedback. I don’t think every piece of news warrants a thread. The OT’s we have now are the places to discuss small bits of news.

But if the news is substantial we want it to have a thread, as that makes the forums nicer to read for guests and new members. I’m sure we can find a middle ground in this. As we have done in the past months.

Also; we’ve recently changed the default view in the forums from categories to latest. If you prefer the categories view, make sure to read this guide by Predrag.

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Can we have a nested thread type of forum here?

I basically want a thread where on the first layer - only trailers of the game can be shared by the admins. Other users can watch the trailers. And then click on a link to move to the specific thread of that particular game where anyone can post about the game.

Is it possible? Do you guys see potential in this? It will be a good way to keep track of the games threads dedicated to each game possible.

I would love to know thoughts of the admins over this.

So like an E3 hub with all trailers and links to the threads?

It’s possible. My question would be; why? :stuck_out_tongue:

To keep track of games and what’s coming and what I missed.

It will be like our own game YouTube channel in here (trailers only)

Maybe an XboxEra YT PlayList of the Xbox+Bethesda trailers? And one for E3 in general?

That also work… We can use it for initial test purpose and later on if it works then we can expand it to every game which has its trailer as it comes out.

We can have option to sort the first layer with months or year date. Or maybe geners or platform wise.