QuakeCon Schedule Detailed

Bethesda has given details on QuakeCon 2021, scheduled for August 19-21:

Some of the events include a Quake segment, ANOTHER deep dive on Deathloop, and more.


“A Quake segment featuring both id Software and Machine Games”… hmmm, where did we hear that before @Shpeshal_Nick :nickthink:


Why do I get the impression that there will be a certain Aussie who will be waking up in a couple of hours with a massive grin on his smug face lol.

Yeah, I can’t explain why Machine Games are there other than the rumoured collaboration, because as far as I know they don’t have prior history with the franchise.


Ghostwire Tokyo has completely disappeared since gameplay reveal more than 1 year ago, I’m starting to think the 2020 initial date was completely bollocks from the beginning.

They did build something for Quake already If Im not mistaken

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That would be one hell of a coincidence otherwise.

A map pack for the first one in 2016.


Nothing Wolfenstein

Kill me

Could explain why MachineGames will be talking about Quake (it’s from 5 years ago)

Though I would love to see a new Quake.


So it’s not completely left field, although it is still a very thin connection unless it is another episode.

I don’t think they will have a whole segment to just talk about a DLC from 2016. I could be wrong though, but I can easily see them celebrating 25 years of Quake with a new project, or yes, maybe it is just another episode :sweat_smile:


no redfall? don’t arkane usually show gameplay at quakecon if they have a game releasing next year? unless I missed it while glancing over schedule

Hopefully the “more” is gameplay of Redfall. Otherwise only TGA is left. Guess it’s possible, a very nice Xbox presence with Avowed or Redfall.

Or none at all, we just don’t know.

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Prey 2017 got gameplay at QuakeCon 2016 but I guess they are saving it for later or for a big event (or maybe they can’t put resources in it due to COVID delays)

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The fun kicks off with a brief Welcome at 2 p.m. ET on August 19, followed immediately by six signature panels with the developers behind the games you’re currently playing – and the ones you can’t wait to play. Along with insights into these games, each of these signature panels will reveal new info, updates and announcements, so be sure to tune in to them all. Schedule below:

“the developers behind the games you’re currently playing – and the ones you can’t wait to play”

Isn’t Deathloop the only game that isn’t playable yet in the schedule ? Or unless they are counting the updates for TESO, FO76 and DOOM Eternal too.

For context Bethesda specified back then they would show Prey.

Could change tho regarding this year.

Best to put that hope aside lol. Redfall is announced so no reason to keep it a secret.

I think the possibility is slim, they have already announced the game and showing gameplay for Redfall would have been a strong way to attract eyes on Quakecon. Being a summer 2022 title they cannot show it next E3 and that’s it, maybe TGA at this point, I highly doubt TGS and there is no X0 this year and Xbox usually has no shows between january and may since the death of Inside Xbox.