Psychonauts 2 |OT| From the great minds at Double Fine

Man, I’ll have to wait till the weekend since this week is so busy for me. Hope you guys enjoy it though in the meantime, just gonna be late to the party.

Just finished the first level and I can say that this games deserves all the praise it is getting. It has Gorgeous graphics, creative level designs, fun gameplay, engaging history and the humor is on point. I don’t think that i’ve ever laughed that much on a game before. Also the game is super polished.


I’m a little ways into the game now, past the first level, and I’m really enjoying it so far. It really feels like a genuine sequel to the first game, which is incredible as that was so long ago. Can’t wait to play more!

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I played nonstop for 5 hours and I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface. Just beyond the first *real" level and some side stuff. Put it down after getting to the third brain. Love it. Double Fine have really outdone themselves

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If the game keeps going like this, Psychonauts 2 has everything it takes to be among the best of all time


Game runs superb, get like 140fps at 1080p on my laptop. Looks amazing, game froze once so far had to force close the app.

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Man I’ve just put a couple of hours in and it’s fantastic. It’s like playing a 90s cartoon with the feel of a platformer from the glory days. Everything feels and looks so good. Looking forward to losing more time to it.

I can see why people are already calling it GOTY.


Before passing out last night, I jumped in for the opening mission

Now, I’m not much of a cutesy, fun for all ages, platformer guy. This is not the kind of game i’d ever be interested in…but I already adore this game. It is so good. Right from the get go, it grabbed me and I can not wait to get this work day over with so I can play some more


Playing this morning, same feeling. Double Fine have nailed it.


Those damn figments and duffel bags got me bothered (In a good way, I’m determined to find em all)

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This game is charming and weird and so clever. I’m blown away !

And for people starting the game : don’t bother with that duffel bag hidden behind a painting in the long corridor in the first level. You need pyromancy, a power that you get right after. So don’t worry, you can go back to get it. It took me some time before looking online.

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What framerate are we playing family. Went with 120fps.


I’ve only played a little, but it looks amazing! And feels great to play.


So I played for a couple hours last night and am dying to get back to it again after work today. This game is so amazing, beyond my expectations even so far! I am playing it at 120 fps on my Series X, and it still looks incredible sitting too close to my 65" 4K TV while of course feeling awesome at that frame rate too.

I probably still have to give Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart about an 8 just because of its really fun combat gameplay, but Psychonauts 2 so far is drawing me into its world on a whole other level than anything I ever felt in Rift Apart and actually makes me want to explore every nook and cranny getting collectibles and such which I don’t usually care as much about in games. I currently have It Takes Two as my game of the year, but if Psychonauts 2 holds up throughout for me I think it could easily end up as my personal GOTY. You really must play this game!


120 fps still looks incredible to me, so sticking with that.

You don’t notice a much crisper picture with the other mode? You’d think there’s a significant difference between 1440p and native. I will check it out asap. What you say about wanting to explore every nook and cranny sounds exactly like the first, it was so worth collecting and seeing everything.

tbh I dont notice much difference between 4K and 1440p and Ive tried this already in Mass Effect and Psychonauts lol.

On a smaller screen same here, but even on a 65 inch one? It’s doesn’t look a tad softer? There was one game recently, where I really saw it. tales of arise. Especially so the grass.