PS5 will not be backwards compatible with PS3, PS2, or PS1 according to Ubisoft


Expected. Sony never talked about that, just the PS4 games. Maybe they will do it again with PS Now.

Without upgrading assets, really does not make sense to have BC. This is the additional work that XBox BC are doing.

I disagree. Plenty of PS3 and 360 games still look totally fine.

This isn’t a surprise by any means, but I was hoping they would figure out a way to emulate this in system similar to what Xbox does. I mean, PS3 emulation exists and it’s pretty good. I guess they just aren’t interested, which sucks.


Many PS3 are 720p? How do they look on a 50" 4K TV?

Surprisingly good (to me at least). I recently just played through Gears 1-Judgement and they looked pretty good (Judgement was great looking). Did the same thing with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and was shocked at how good that game still looks.

Upscaling, whether through the system or simply from the TV itself is totally fine imo.

EDIT: Uncharted was 540p through PSNow btw.

Well they should stop selling PS Now then as they games look like that and add artifacts and lag.

Sucks to be a PS-fan I guess.

Love the Xbox BC! Old games look and run great. Wonderful when you have a backlog too.


This was expected, so no surprise here;

In fact, the important part IMO is this :

Backwards compatibility will be available for supported PlayStation 4 titles

This seems to confirm once again that not all PS4 games will be BC… But how many will ? 99% ? 90% ? 50% ? Less ?

And if you read the same page regarding the Series X, you will find something that is missing on this PS5 page :

Achievements earned on Xbox One versions of supported games will be transferable to Xbox Series X.

So if you start Valhalla on PS4 you lose any earned trophy if you upgrade to PS5 ??


I cannot believe Sony fans not only put up with this kind of crap but even defend Sony for their horrible BC efforts.

Sony does not respect peoples purchases and would rather sell remaster s and make people pay 2 or 3 times for the same game and yet some people are fine with that. SMH


Does anyone else think there is something weird going with the PS5’s BC?

They are hardly speaking about it and when they do, it’s really vague. My guess they don’t actually know how functional or how much they are going to be able to make available by launch.


It’s definitely weird. Sony’s been pretty vague about everything so far though.

The lack of back compat is why I didn’t get a PS4 despite having a PS3. They really need to clarify this.


This is kinda disappointing. At least BC with PS3 would have been awesome.

Not all BC games are upgraded assets, really I think that Final Fantasy game is the only one with upgraded assets; besides that, it’s proven that a simple resolution upgrade can breathe new life into classics.

Dumb. All of these systems can be emulated. They should at the very least have ps1 and 2 first party games available. Definitely makes me less likely to purchase a game on a PlayStation device because I don’t exactly know if I’ll still have access to it in 7 years.



They only talked about PS4 BC.

I do not understand that people still wanted to believe some of the fake rumors about BC for other console gens on PS5.

BC for older generations is heavily constrained by hardware architecture on playstation. Even BC for PS4 there will be constraints. BC will not be the same to what Xbox can offer.

Interesting tidbit in the Ubisoft FAQ is that they write about “supported titles”. So there will be a set of games that will not be BC.

I do not know if there are games on the PS4 platform that required some external accessories like on the Xbox One like Kinect. Maybe there are.


That’s my feeling as well.

I also have the feeling that their ps4 to ps5 upgrade plan is not as clear as they want people to believe it. I’ve got the feeling that it’s not a simple patch you will have to download but a full ps5 game (that’s why trophies might not follow up…)

Feels like this was known, only some hardcore fans tried to wish it into existence. If it existed they would have talked about when they detailed the PS4 backwards compatibility. Sucks, because Sony legitimately has an amazing legacy of classics worth revisiting, and not all of them were brought back with remasters.

Someone called Ubi : They removed the part about BC on the playstation page.

Xbox version is still unchanged