PS5 doesn't support VRR!


That’s crazy and hopefully in a future patch indeed. Xbox One X has this! Come on Sony.

It truly is a game changer for some games. Kingdom Hearts 3 in the visuals mode (or whatever it’s called) runs choppy as hell but with VRR its smooth sailing!

It may have to do something with the cable i assume. VRR requres 2.1 cable.

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Oh that’s interesting, I hadn’t thought of that. Can’t remember if we ever found out definitively what type of cable is in the box, but I would imagine that an outlet like DF would have slews of cables available to use for testing.

*no VRR *No quick resume *No tier 2 VRS and other RDNA2 features

Dam… the missing features on PS5 are adding up, pretty glaring mistake sony not implement these important features?


Ps5 isn’t full RDNA 2 and it shows


I think this has nothing to do with RDNA. The Xbox One X supports VRR as well.


Ah! That make sense. Support may not be there from console side yet.

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Most likely explanation as they have stated they have implemented it from the HDMI2.1 specs in the official blog post. Either that or the HW is there but OS doesn’t support yet.

PS5 comes with a 2.1 hdmi cable.


I had read that some HDMI 2.0 cables were 2.1 compliant in most areas and as a result just needed their markings changed. That might explain the confusion here possibly. But then, if VRR ain’t there that seems shady to me if it’s due to the cable not supporting it. At that point, it just isn’t a 2.1 cable imho.

At this point, I’d just believe official information from Sony and they said it’s 2.1 HDMI so it’s 2.1 HDMI.

I would trust the info we can verify, personally. Only in the absence of that should we take their word blindly, imho. I’d be there with ya if not for the VRR question.

Seems to be a limitation of the OS more than anything, similar to what we see this gen. Hopefully they can add it.

The PS5 comes with a 2.1 HDMI cable. It’s been verified by multiple people including Jeremy Penter and John from DF.

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That is not verified since afaik it is not marked as such and we do not yet know why PS5 can’t do VRR (which is a feature tied to 2.1 compatibility iirc). Until we know it is an OS issue as you presume, I would not blindly take the confirmation from Sony at face value. This might be one among many last minute things that ended up being super misleading on their part.


The cable supports 2.1 speeds. DF said they tested the cable on SX and 3090 and could output 4k,hdr, 120,4:4:4 on it with no issues.

Sounds more hopeful now.

The box says 8K, so has anyone done tests to determine whether it outputs 8K60 4:4:4 10-bit? If it can’t then either FRL is not supported or no DSC?

Vincent explains it in his description too, this could be it.

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John used the same cable on the Series X and it worked fine for 4K120. You need a 2.1 cable for that.