PS5 Doesn't Feature Xbox Series X/S-Style Quick Resume Game Swapping

This is pretty big, where SSD and speed is the main selling point of the PS5, thanks to Xbox innovation, gamers will be getting into games faster on Xbox most of the time.


I’m sure they can implement it with a software update in the future no?

I don’t understand why it’s not there now.

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Who knows? heh

You would think they can. But its surprising something similar is not available at launch considering how much they have pushed speed in marketing.

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Looks like Matt was wrong again.

Xbox is on a different level in terms of software, speed, and power.


Who is Matt?

Quick Resume uses up actual storage space on the SSD, right? Maybe that’s part of the reason Sony didn’t go for it?

A person who claims to be an insider on a different forum. But i dont think we are allowed to discuss people from different forums?


Probably best to avoid the topic altogether lol. To stay on topic, I remember seeing some people point to something called “Switcher” in the PS5 UI breakdown as being their equivalent to Quick Resume, but apparently that’s just a history thing.

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There is a video of it already, all it does is just boot up the game from the quick menu with splash screens, its basically the same thing as launching the game from the home dashboard. It’s not even close to Quick Resume where it puts you back where you left off in the game with multiple games and even when you shut down, update, or restart your console.

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They can, but what about disk space?

You can’t just take X GBs back with a system update can you? (I mean in a way that it won’t upset your users)


The Xbox team is on another level when it comes to things like these.


lol yup! XSX is most powerful, fastest console :slight_smile:


Gotcha, thanks for the video, it helped illustrate it well for me. Seems like it’s basically the same thing that happens when you press the Xbox button, with it displaying your last few games and apps then.

It’s exactly what it is except on the Series X | S, those games on the Guide will now be Quick Resume.

Ha ha, good point! It’s going to be difficult going without QR once we get used to it, MS are really doing their utmost to get us to spend our gaming time on their platforms and I love it.


What the hell? Is this the day Sony just gets all the bad news out the way lol

Just saw the having to redownload games again thread now this.


It’s looking like Xbox has the superior SSD and tech behind it funnily enough. What a strange oversight from PlayStation.


Maybe there is something to read between Xbox’s “sustained” SSD performance vs. Sony’s “maximum powah!” numbers? My first theory (about initial loads vs in-game loads) doesn’t seem to hold up with the reviews showing faster in-game loads in addition to full game loads both in favor of Xbox.