PS5 Doesn't Feature Xbox Series X/S-Style Quick Resume Game Swapping

They probably didn’t think this would be something people wanted. Then they saw how much people liked it on xbox but by that point its to late. Im sure they can add it in a patch just like xbox got rid of snap and changed features all the time.

The sheer amount of people saying I wouldn’t use this, what does it matter with quick load times is astonishing.

Quick load times is never going to make up for just going back to exactly where you were in a game. Most games don’t let you save anywhere for a start so you would need to get to a checkpoint.

What’s so bizarre is that if they just admitted how good it was that could pester Sony for it and get it eventually.


When was he right? :upside_down_face:


They wouldn’t use it unless it’s on PS5 :slightly_smiling_face:



Sony’s marketing strategy regarding bad news is to l t someone else deliver it instead of being transparent.


Saying you don’t want this is like saying you don’t want shorter load times on Netflix And that you’re fine with longer buffering. It isn’t a gimmick, it fundamentally changes how you access your content, it essentially is just making loading times even faster.


Yeah I notice Geoff Keighley seems to be there guy to share the bad news. First the PS5 exclusives going to PS4 news and now this.


If they don’t have a real virtualized environment in the PS5, then implementing this feature will also be harder than on Xbox.

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100%. I think it’s the kind of quality of life feature that you would passively get used to and sorely miss when you have to go without it. Honestly, I think a lot of the downplaying I’m seeing online is partly because of ignorance of what the feature actually does, like what we saw with Smart Delivery. It’s really just people not understanding a concept, trying to make fun of it, and then justifying why they don’t need it with an optional step of assuming that their choice of console will support it and being blindsided.

The hits keep coming, no quick resume, no storage expansion at launch, only 667gb of space, no VRR, Series X with faster load times.

Anything else Sony wants to come clean with before launch? I think we know now why Sony has been so quiet on details.

Now if only the media and Sony fans would actually hold Sony accountable cause if Xbox launched in this state it would be 2013 all over again.


Yes, absolutely. But as Speshal Ed said, it could be due to CPU of PS4. Loading times for upcoming games should be the real test. If Xbox actually comes out on top though, I don’t care if it’s one second, that would be crazy and all that crazy hype for Sony’s SSD wasn’t warranted in that case. Well, for their exclusives undoubtedly but not overall.

I remember all the comments and articles when it was made known that XSX was the most powerful of the two and we kept hearing “yes, but Sony’s SSD though, supercharged” and what not. :slight_smile:

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True but at the same time Xbox one wasn’t designed with bc in mind and look how that turned out. I’m sure they can. Find a way but at the end of the day ps5 is lacking some major features

I don’t care if they don’t honestly. If they can support suspend/resume for 2 games, that’s perfectly fine because at least with Sony I know it’ll work properly.

I have very little faith Quick Resume will actually work most of the time on Xbox

Apparently, it works fine with little issues. Not sure why you would have more faith in Sony, software wise. They bricked my console with an update this gen.

Edit: if anyone is curious about the update: (Here’s my reddit post).


lol do you have an evidence to back that up? We’ve seeb extensive use of the feature by people who have actually had the console.

Otherwise, this is FUD. And btw, ps5 has no version of quick resume suspending games is not the same thing.

And you definitely would have “cared” if the ps5 had the feature lol.


Evidence of what? I said I have little faith it’ll work properly on Xbox.

I didn’t say I know it won’t work properly on Xbox.

Like I said, suspend/resume works super poorly on Xbox One so what reason do I have to believe Quick Resume will work great on Series X? Is it the same reason I should have believed the UI would be 4K on Series X because it “wasn’t final hardware” before?

Like I said not examining the hours of footage and first hand impressions of quick resume is being willfully ignorant. No one cares about your “faith”. And no one from MS ever said the ui would be 4k, so what are you talking about you thinly veiled console warrior? And once again quick resume is not the same thing as suspending a game.

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Well, maybe because people who have had this console have said it works well with little issues.

Well, maybe because the Series X|S are more balanced/power systems, the software will run better. Also, quick resume is a next-gen feature only, it is not on the other consoles. And I am saying this as someone in the Alpha ring via Xbox one updates.

Suspend =/= Quick resume.

Now explain why do you think Sony would be better at implementing this kind of software since… they can’t even enable external ssd/hdd’s for PS5 games?

I don’t really get this doubt he has either, I mean plenty of YouTubers have shown the feature in action and it seems to work fine.

It has only been BC games so far, but that’s because the actual next gen games were still being worked on. But I’m sure MS didn’t create this feature solely for BC, they would have said so.

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Wow that sucks, I haven’t had a problem on my One X, but I haven’t had it for very long. Anyway, hope you’re wrong about QR :laughing:

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