PS5 Back-Compat Details Announced

I know, it makes me sad all the time. Ridge Racer Type-4, Chrono Cross, Parappa the Rapper, Lunar Silver Star, I could go on for an hour listing all of the amazing games that Sony doesn’t care about preserving. :frowning: Imagine if those and so many others had been Xbox games, we’d probably be playing them with badass enhancements right now.

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It’s been directly confirmed by Sony’s Principal Graphics Engineer working on PS5:

Especially, when the competition just announced that they will be trying to bring even more OG Xbox- 360 games.

Still a little bit vague for my taste, but more than enough to calm my PS-only friends!

Wow, really? That’s awesome!

Wow, I hope they are not deceptive about this. If they says it works, it means it’s playable as good as on PS4, if not better. I think that’s everyone’s expectation.

Good news for future PS5 owners. I hope some of the constraining statements don’t turn out as a big issue.

Now it will be interesting to see how those games can make use of the full hardware because in that the statements are a bit vague.

Well done early PS5 Owners!

You are now the BC team for Sony PS5 back compact.



Yeah we’ll see. I remember trying to play Knights of the Old Republic on Xbox 360. Despite being nominally compatible, the performance was so poor, it was unplayable. Talk is cheap, let’s see the results. :slight_smile:

Official Sony tweet

I think it is going to work because all the BC work was done by AMD. It is not clear if they are using the full clock speeds or matching the PS4 ones. If they use the full speed, then results will be similar to SX.

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Maybe it’s just me but I wouldn’t be surprised if the boost mode is all it is, better framerates. I hope I’m wrong and that we ARE getting much shorter loading times, and if the resolution is dynamic that it will be maxed like on XSX. Also things like auto HDR, will it have it or is that a Xbox only feature?

Yeah that’s why I didn’t bother with BC on 360. But with the Xbox One, they set the standard pretty high.

I don’t have a lot of games on PS4, but I hope they all work fine on PS5, in case I’ll buy one in a couple years. As you said, we’ll see.

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Should be locked framerates and resolution in games were those settings are variable or doesn’t lock the target on ps4.

Should be interesting to see the comparisons with XSX then. Especially with some of the games like Hitman 2 that max at 60fps but still some drops. I expect PS5 to perform worse. Otherwise that wouldn’t really make much sense. But we’re gonna see once the systems are out or when/if Sony sends a unit to DF.

I don’t think that you can play any of the three Kinect Sports games without Kinect (unless I missed the news about them getting controller support), but games like Rush, Disneyland Adventures, and D4 should work.

Similar when it comes to better load times, better performance in games with unlocked/unstable frame rates, and higher resolutions in games with dynamic resolution scaling, but SX is doing additional things on top of that.

What does this even mean? Just name these “select PS4 games”.


But probably a little inferior for some titles. Even some BC games on XSX didn’t manage to run at smooth 60fps all the way, Hitman 2 was an example that showing frames dropping a little and Sekiro while it seemed mostly smooth wasn’t 60fps locked in the footage, still some dips. And a few other games as well. So if anything, I expect PS5 to perform a little under it.

It’s odd isn’t it? With Xbox it’s clear as day what you’re getting. Pretty much every game the YouTubers have been testing benefitted from the new hardware.

So with that in mind I would say Xbox is already offering more with BC.

Some BC games might even perform better on PS5 if their engines favour higher clock speeds over more CUs. Another thing that could maybe give PS5 a slight edge in performance is the fact that PS4 Pro games often had lower resolutions and/or lower rendering settings compared to Xbox One X. Then again, with games that didn’t get PS4 Pro/One X patches SX could have that performance advantage due to lower resolutions and rendering settings on base Xbox One (unless Xbox BC wizards increase them using one of their methods). It will be interesting in any case.


Hmmm, I see.

But it seems that only select titles will have it, whereas so far it seems to be with all titles the media has been testing and probably all the others too in Xbox. Or maybe not, but Sony did mention that. We’ll see.

And yep, we still haven’t seen everything from the Xbox BC team, we know they still have some stuff planned in terms of improving framerates and such.

Yeah, it seems that Game Boost is doing what SX is already doing now for all the games with dynamic resolution and uncapped/unstables framerates. Also I’m waiting for that feature on select games allowing the framerate to be doubled. And they also have the auto-HDR.