PS5 and Xbox series X: Boot and stand by time + game loading times comparison

Interesting results to say the least.


Yeah, same. I’m like : “okay, Xbox have an advantage on load times but that don’t make any sense.” So we’ll see. Maybe it’s the velocity architecture. Maybe it’s some kind of bottleneck on the PS5 side. I don’t know ! All I see is it’s blazing fast and I can’t wait for XSX to come out and see all that greatness in front of me !

The real test is going to be next week, although I will be neck deep into WDL, lol. We should be seeing comparisons of the two Ubi games, and soon thereafter CoD. I still expect PS5 to win that but probably not as shockingly big of a difference as we expected…after all that hype.

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So comparable cold boots, faster rest boots and faster saved file loading. Huh.

That’s not a good look for PlayStation.


Do we know why PS5 takes longer? Did any source explain this? Also, I expected DF to cover this because I would consider this a surprise too, along with PS5 having locked 60fps.

None of these games were made with the SSDs of both consoles in mind, and I’m guessing WDL and ACV are. So we should be seeing differences there. If X takes the lead there too though…

We already know fast travel in ACV is almost instant, and that was on X. We’re in for a treat.


so all the SSD talk wasn’t really valid eh?

Xbox Velocity Architecture is a different level.


Extremely surprised by the load times for BC games, especially since those games don’t use any of the XVA advancements, just raw speeds. I wonder if this is due to the efficiency behind both emulators on both platforms.

I’ve read someone else say it boots up faster from standby if they default to the profile select screen instead of auto log on. IF that is true, I wonder if the additional delay is due to it trying to stream in all the data for the dashboard all at once versus starting to download that data as you’re selecting your profile.

Still a bit early to crow about this imo, but congratulations are definitely in order for Microsoft’s engineers!

Must be that 4K dashboard /s

Not really, the way Cerny emphasized on the SSD made it seem that it will be 2x faster than anything else on the market and that it was some sort of alien tech.

The fact that it will even be comparable to Series X should give props to XVA.

are there any load times comparison for next gen multiplats

Well. This one quite large gap!


So push square numbers are faster than what Warren is getting, but the reason for it seems to be that they are loading to login screen not fully into the OS. I know that the updated OS on Xbox also has a login screen now, but has anyone tested to see the difference there as well?

Thats loading the training area?

Hmm, I see. A actual proper test needs to be done then. But that’s only for resuming a game, right? The ingame loading is valid?

It’s all valid IMO. Hopefully we can find out more.

One aspect that should be brought to light is that in all these loading tests, the tester needs to be meticulous in what they’re doing.

If they want to be as apples-to-apples they need to disable Quick Resume on the Xbox Series X|S or reboot the console between loading of the games. That’s the only way they can be certain the Series X|S is not spending time in saving the previous title’s memory to the internal NVME drive. Writing speeds are definitely slower than reading speeds. Writing Y and then Reading X is different than simply Reading X.

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Valid point

It’s probably throttling due to maxing out the bandwidth and speed and then it slows down. As those numbers are max numbers not sustained, as per usual with Sony.

That doesn’t mean it’s slower though, a game, that keeps this in mind and makes sure the drive doesn’t get too hot, would probably be able to reach a higher speed than the drive in the xbox series. Just bc games are not optimized and probably treat it like a spinner, thus getting data optimized in a sequential fashion asap. Could also cause some cache issues this way, that would also slow it down.

But it does show that those numbers really weren’t sustained numbers.

Don’t forget CPU plays a role in load times too and Series X has a slight edge there too. When you’re talking in seconds, every little bit helps.


It’s definitely not velocity architecture because Ms stressed a lot that bc games wouldn’t use any of its benefits (not even compression, at least not above the one already used by the games) so I guess not even them were expecting it lol.

Though. Loading times for AC Valhalla are super fast too. So it sounds like something that will be a non issue on either console, or at least something that it doesn’t matter which one is faster because they are both super fast.