PS5 and Xbox series X: Boot and stand by time + game loading times comparison

Game loading time comparison.


Via GameSpot:


Do we now know if PS5 has quick resume?

Apparently not, shame.


Hmmm I see.

As much hype as haptic feedback for the PS5 goes around for being next gen, I would absolutely say quick resume is very much a next gen feature too. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m already loving the shit out of what I read about it and saw. :slight_smile:


So people are defending via 4k ui vs 1080p ui.

Please keep this discussion civil. No need to dunk, celebrate, console war or any of the above. Just discuss what’s being posted in the OP.



The games also load faster on the X too, what happened?


Yes, I feel the same way. I think it’s going to really change how I think about the games I’m actively playing, and (as long as it’s decently customizable and good about warnings) I don’t think it’ll ever be a negative. Can’t even imagine how QR must be for households with more than one active player.

Edit to stay on topic: it’s really nice to see the Xbox be competitive with the PS5 based on the OP. I imagine there’ll be a lot of testing and comparisons done but I was expecting a total blowout and so far this doesn’t seem to be the case. This doesn’t matter honestly, since we should be comparing the new systems to the old ones and not to each other.



This is honestly the most suprising thing in a long time. What the hell happened?


So what happened sony huh that precious SSD turned out to be overhyped and people fell for it least it seems like remains to be seen with next gen titles

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I don’t really think this is an indication of how good the SSDs are for the Xbox Series X and PS5. I’ll wait to see loading times for multiplatform games like AC Valhalla to determine how good the SSDs really are. Still surprising to see this.


This is where I am too. It’s a welcome surprise for me to hear that in this field they’re similar but I’m not willing to extrapolate. We’ll just have to wait and see!

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For their games it’s probably gonna be great. If that Spidey footage was legit that was really fast. I guess it also remains to be seen how big the edge PS5 has with loading with multiplatform games. If none at all I would be shocked tbh.


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It’s surprising. I mean, it’s not supposed to happen, right ? So again, MS must have done something right, as all the chatter about the power of the PS5 SSD seems like nonsense now. It’s a small thing, so not a big of a deal, but still, it all adds up in favor of Xbox.


I’m still waiting to see how things look across a broader spectrum of game types but I think that the Xbox engineers deserve a ton of praise, and I’ll bang that drum all day long.


I gotta say I really didn’t expected that bc games would load faster on SX.

Ms making the note that BC wasn’t using any of the features, not even compression, and where relying exclusively on the raw ssd speeds read to me as for sure the speed on BC games would be lower even if the that is not a representative of the system true capabilities.

Either way, one of the many ways Ms absolutely killed it with this console.

Of course. Spider Man Miles Morales was really impressive as it was super fast to launch and it’s an exclusive and optimized game. So we’re talking like a 10-20 seconds difference for third parties between the two consoles. And there is probably more things devs can leverage from, down the road.

Oh, and I just remembered the talk between Kraken compression system and what is the thing X Series is using, BC pack ? Some devs chimed in when it was revealed and talked about how BC Pack was a little better and more effecient. But are games already using it ?

Ha ha, this is exactly why I’m reserving judgment. I’m neither knowledgeable nor informed enough to draw any conclusions so I’m sticking to what I can see firsthand and keeping in mind that it might not be the full picture. All I can say for sure is that this is going to be a marked improvement over current gen and I’m excited for it :grin: