Project 007 announced, developed by IO Interactive

IO Interactive has revealed a teaser trailer for their next game, Project 007. Here it is:

This has the potential to be really good. IO Interactive are very talented developers and I’m sure they will be able to deliver a good product. I’m interested.


That was a short teaser. Lol.

My bet is they did this announcement to attract talent to build out their team working on this. I expect Warner Bros. to work with them on the Hitman IP for the coming years.


I wonder how they got the rights. IO games were never sold great.


I actually prefer Agent 47 than James Bond, but IO interactive is such a perfect match for the franchise

One thing I noticed is that it said that it was being both developed and published by IO Interactive. I thought it was going to be published by Warner Bros? What happened to that?

Wow. I am HERE for this. Can’t wait!


IOI are the perfect studio for agent 007.


I don’t think AT&T believe in gaming anymore, they will wait for Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad if they don’t sell well they will sell the division.

I asked before who has the game licenses for 007 but nobody had the answer : ) ok, was a GOLDEN chance for Xbox.

That’s a match made in heaven. I’m really happy for IOI !

I am stoked!

Bond by the Hitman developer, I mean it’s close to perfect if you ask me. Hitman 3 undoubtedly is going to be amazing but it’s fantastic to see something new by these incredibly talented folks.

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I cannot wait for this! I love Bond and IOI, and I hadn’t even considered that the rights had expired for Acti, but this is a match made in MI6.


Meh. Im a 007 movie guy(TIMOTHY DALTON FTW!) but im sure it will be a good game for the fans.

This is so fitting. Can’t wait for what they are doing with the franchise!


This is a complete surprise. I will definitely be keeping my eye on this.

Perfect fit, this is promising.

So if MS was to buy IO, Rare could also make a new Goldeneye… right… :stuck_out_tongue:


Very, very good fit. I was wondering the other day why we hadn’t seen any Bond games for a while.

I mean Hitman is basically a Bond game if you’re playing it to get silent assassin for every level.

Man…MS really needs to try to snag IO

This isn’t even the Warner Bros project, to IO could possibly be working on 2 licensed games. Spider-man sales pretty much showed how powerful a licensed video can be if its done well.

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The only Bond game I have ever was Blood Stone on Xbox 360. Only played several hours of it but I enjoyed what I played. Hitman is a great series but not for me. Really hoping that IO Interactive’s Bond game is more action oriented as opposed to stealth and disguises. But im intrigued so just have to wait and see.

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They’re only now hiring up to enter preproduction. Hitman 3 ships in January and their other main team is working on a multiplayer game (new IP) for Warner Bros. They also semi-announced a 2nd new game they’re hiring up for today, which is neither 007 nor the WB game.

This is like a 2024-2026 game, unfortunately.