Project 007 announced, developed by IO Interactive

I need to still play Hitman Season 1 and 2…the only Hitman game I played was Absolution and I finished and enjoyed it quite a bit.

How are they funding all this? I cant see WB investing much what with them trying to get out of gaming.

i think the announcement is similar to CP 2077, if you want to work on 007 game then come to us. they want to hire more people for this

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They have their own money that can presumably see them through early development while they pitch publishers. I assume IOI will sell to somebody in the next twelve months or so, though, unless Hitman 3 does unexpectedly well.

I don’t know how I didn’t see the combo of IO open level design and hitman/secret agent 47 and a 007 game but YEAH OF COURSE it makes perfect sense! Also an original origin story also so amazing. A movie adaptation would have given me less hope.

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Perfect developer for this franchise.

I miss 007 games - even the AA titles we used to get every once in a while.

While they weren’t perfect, I still had a lot of fun with them.

Consider me hyped.