Problem with Image on Series X

Hello, im Pablo Well, I don’t know if this really goes here, but I need help with a problem. Currently, I own a Samsung 1080P Full Hd TV from 2013, 46 inches. I have noticed that with some titles that have native or upscaled 4k resolution, such as Elden Ring, Red dead redemption 1, gta V Remastered, or especially Guardians of the Galaxy, I notice a strange effect. This doesnt happen with every game, for example, with psychonauts 2, the gunk, alan wake remastered or The gunk, everything its ok. I have not found the specific name but I think it is the “ghost effect”. My questions are this: Is this a widespread problem in the games I mentioned? Will it be a problem with my television or the graphics card of the console? Are there methods to eliminate this problem? I attached link to some videos so you can see:

Thanks in advance

I would try on a different display to determine if its a tv issue or a xbox artifacting issue.


But the thing is, that this happen only in a few games, i dont know why

It could be a gpu issue on the console but its easier and cheaper to check if its a display problem first. Ive seen people have issues only on BC games on one console but on others not have any issues, indicating a hardware problem. Thats why you need to whittle down the problem

Shit, thats not nice My console is not under warranty…

I have this too. It happens when I have 120hz enabled on XSX and in some games, often in areas that looked grey to dark grey I see these flickers too. Turning 120hz off helped it go away.

I also had this years ago with Fallout 4 when I had a different TV than now and when I rotated the camera I see bushes and foliage in general flicker, very distracting. Turning down or off the TV sharpness removed it.

So its not a gpu issue? Yeah, its seems more noticeable on grey/dark areas. My tv its only 60 hz 1080p, so maybe if i reduce the the sharpness could help

Yeah I’d try that. I always keep the tv sharpness at default or lower. For 4K games a sharpness of 0 shouldn’t even matter but for 1080p I do like to keep some of the sharpness enabled.

Well, turning off the sharp. On tv seems to fix, at least on elden eing But the quality looks like shit… Im still worried about the thing that the other user said…

You don’t have warranty at all anymore?

No :frowning: It can be a gpu issue in your opinion?

Oh boy, I honestly don’t know.

You don’t have it with every single game? Cause I would think if it’s hardware related it should be in every game.

Nope Not in every game, just elden ring, gta 5 and specially guardians of the galaxy On Psychonauts 2, tunic, halo infinite, alan wake remsstered, even cyberpunk 4k, everything its ok lol

What color range are you using for your console, what resolution are you outputting at and what refresh rate? Is your TV in game mode?

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Well, I finally ran the tests on another TV. It’s a Sony Full HD 1080p, with 60hz I think. Very old, maybe from before 2010. The problem is persistent, with the same games already named. However, in the elden ring if I set the TV image to “Standard”, the problem is greatly reduced. In the other games mentioned, its the same :frowning:
I attach a new video about the elden ring tests on this tv…

Color range: 8 bit Resolution: 1080p Refresh rate: 60hz Game mode: on

  1. Try another HDMI cable
  2. Fully reboot the console if you haven’t already. A full shutdown and wait 30 seconds.

Do you use an AV receiver?

Yeah, ive tried 3 differentss cables. 2.1, 2.0 and 1.4, same results What is an AV receiver??? What do you mean with fully reboot? Factory reset? I’ve already did that. The full shitdown and 30 seconds no, because i dont understand what i have to do

An AV receiver is an audio/video receiver that you connect your devices too for home theatre setups and such. I assume your console is plugged straight into the TV?

Full shutdown is in the power settings, but if you did a factory reset and it didn’t help, then that’s not it.

Since it only happens in some games, I don’t think it’s your Xbox GPU. Some setting is causing this on your TV or perhaps the Xbox itself.

If your TV has any type of motion smoothing or color enhancement stuff, turn it off. Turn off any energy saving features too.

Well, i reduce the sharpness on tv and at keast in elden ring, the effect is gone hehe Maybe its not the console