Presenting Xbox Game Studios

Phil Spencer said he was going to improve first party content for Xbox.

He wasn’t joking! :rofl:


No he was not lol


Klobrille making new graphics for XGS


This for me is significant, I am a shooter MP player/GTAO and FIFA these days but love some RPG action if it holds my attention. GP will make me try these games I defo wouldn’t want to pay for.

Remember when Xbox was nothing but Rare, The Coalition, 343i and Turn 10? Now they are the biggest first party organization in the world, and by a lot. Now I consider selling my PS4 Pro for a One X 2 years ago to be the wisest shit I’ve ever done.


I still can’t believe it… It’s amazing. As one of like 3 Xbox fans in my country, so many people around me are eating crow these days. I have to shovel through mountains of salt, It’s bloody glorious!


In 2014-2015, I would have never even dreamed of a comeback like that. MS really want to compete and bring back the fans they lost along the way. And that’s how you do it.

Thinking about the times when I was eager for them to make a move…is kind of funny now. Unbelievable.

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6 to 23 in 2 years. Thats almost 4X…and doesn’t factor in studio growth. It’s nuts.


This one picture is crazy if that doesn’t give you confidence in what Xbox is doing then I don’t know what will.

There is only 1 thing that will make this picture much much better, we need another 5 studios so it’s all level and uniform haha.

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Now if we can just add Asobo and Dontnod …

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Phil Spencer has gone all Emperor Palpatine and probably said to the critics “Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational first party studios." :sweat_smile:.


I demand 5 more studios now! my OCD is kicking in on that picture

Oh, did he improve first party studio line up? I hadn’t heard… Lol

Remember when people tried to say Phil was all talk and no action?


I am sure some will stand by that.

Edit: it is a patently ridiculous argument.

Satya Nadella: “Which RPG studios should we buy, Phil?”

Emperor Spencer: “All of them.”

It’s getting to the point that Xbox could do a Marvel-style title sequence featuring characters from their 23 Studios:

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They already do :joy:.