Presenting Xbox Game Studios

I’ll be honest, back in 2017-2018, I thought Phil was just telling us : wait a little bit more, we have not much now, but wait. But I didn’t know what I was waiting for ? More Halo, more Forza, more Gears ? I wasn’t expecting much. And then BOOM !

I remember when I was reading Resetera and everyone were trying to decypher every Klobrille tweet and guessing what MS would do. There was rumors of acquisitions. A lot of acquisitions ! But nothing seemed to go through. Then I and most of us got tired of waiting and guessing. It seems impossible for these companies to make a move. Even WB Games seemed like a pipe dream, and it was.

So yeah, I can understand that he could have been seen as a bad card player all this time… But then he bought the casino.

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Man I remember when there were a meager 6 studios, and exclusives were so barren. There were constant rumours of the division being sold off. And now we have 23 studios, with many if them being multi team operations.

Phil Dominus Maximus Spencer, the god damn saviour of Xbox.

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Look at all the RPG studios! I’m so happy I was able to secure an X this morning


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But what about all of the Halo Gears and Forza memes?

It is crazy how far Xbox has come in this short amount of time. It makes it so much more maddening to realize that there was internal sabotage of the division just a few years ago. Glad Terry is gone and Phil no longer needs to beg for support. Lets see where we go this gen!

Edit: Oh, I didn’t realize that Roundhouse studio is basically a renamed Human Head Studios

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Now that is one hell of a lineup.

Thoughts and prayers to the person who has to update that video sequence for each and every pickup.

“Hey Sheila, I saw your latest title sequence and it was perfect! Really appreciate you working on that all night after we bought that developer yesterday morning. But I’m afraid we bought another developer an hour ago…Soo…yeah…”