Preorders are up for Xbox Series S|X 1TB proprietary SSD

Yep bound to see bigger sizes and price reduction on the 1TB as SSD prices drop in general over time.

I have a lot of stuff installed and played regularly due to aforementioned Kids. And perhaps some slight PTSD relating to a difficult search for a HDD to go with the 360 core I was forced to get (only ones left) BITD :slight_smile:

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Germany 239 Euro


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Literally 30 pounds short of a Series S lmaooooooo might as well buy another one of those and use that to store and transfer stuff :face_with_monocle:, plus free controller.

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That pricing ended up being a fair bit more than I expected. Considering you can currently buy pc PCIE4 ssd that runs at near double the speed.

Still though it has its own points, being hotswappable and whatnot.

And I can set that up in a different room too!

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Can you provide me the German link please? :slight_smile: So I can add it to the main post :slight_smile: Or feel free to hyperlink it in, if it allows you too :slight_smile:

German link. MS store

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Thank you, added to the main post :slight_smile:

Preordered mine.

Leaving these HDD behind in the dust the moment I transfer my games onto the Series X storage.

I really want one but hard to justify $220. I have $80 I’m MS credit but feel like I might rather spend it on Valhalla or the B&O headset. If it shows up.

I got mine at Best Buy Canada 299.99 CAD

I am part of the problem. I caved and pre-ordered at MSRP. :weary:

My justifications are 1) store credit since I didn’t get all the Series Xs I wanted and 2) I have plans to gift my kid my current external HDD to use with his One S or Series X if I can find him one. If that isn’t enough for me, I’ll grab a 3.x USB portable drive for the non-XSX enhanced BC games.

Damn dude, how much credit did you have? I thought I had a lot!

Yeah, I’m going to keep most of my games on external USB drive I use for the 1S, and just copy them over when I want to play. $200 for a TB is pretty terrible

I was maxed out and still had gift cards on the side.

Yeah, I don’t think I need more than 1TB anyway.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla - 50 GB
Immortals: Fenyx Rising - 30 GB
Dirt 5 - 65 GB
Tetris Effect: Connected - 8 GB
FIFA 21 - 35 GB

Five launch-window games that I am interested in and weighs together around 188 GB. It leaves around 750 GB to download other games.

I don’t see a reason to keep 25+ games installed at a time.

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You don’t have “others” plotting a coup on your gaming system, surround sound, and 4k OLED, do you? :thinking:

Sorry, I don’t think I understood your question. I still stumble into a language barrier from time to time. :frowning:


In that case, no wonder this purchase wasn’t a big deal for you

I’m in the same boat. It’s tempting to go for “more” but realistically I don’t know that I would ever need this, really. I guess it might be a factor for people with data caps, who would download games based on that? Seems kinda miserable to be honest =/

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I have a family that - despite having their own consoles and monitors - always want to steal my theater area for gaming. As such, I need console with space for multiple game preferences available at a given time.

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