Preorders are up for Xbox Series S|X 1TB proprietary SSD

Add me to the I’m a Fool list as well :clown_face:


Ouch, way too rich for my blood. Gonna stick with my 5TB external HDD and hopefully cloud streaming will pick up some of the slack until this gets cheaper or they release a bigger version for the same price.

Edit: Out of curiosity, I cleared out all the old games on my external that I had only gotten for game pass quests. I only have 1 TB of stuff on there now, and it’s still 80+ games with 3 coming in over 75 gigs and 22 over 20 gigs. I don’t play any calls of duty or whatever and who knows how big games will get next gen but from where I’m standing, 1 TB is plenty.

For gamers preferred transferring, assuming the internal SSD XSX used has 3000 P/E cycle, that means if you expect 3000 days (or 8 years) lifetime, writing 1TB per day is acceptable, that’s like tranferring COD 5 times or quick resume >= 100 times.

Ouch, even for me thats too much. I understand why but, my 8TB external will do for the games Im not currently playing lol

Crazy expensive - the trouble is its hot swappable, tiny and has sustained performance…people are comparing it to a bog standard PC drive and saying ‘its $80 more’. Yes because its not a bog standard drive is it?

But still, expensive. UK retailer had them up listed at £159 the other day but took them down immediately…so I’m imagining it will be £199.

If £159, I woukd be happy with that, £199 not so much.

Maybe they just went up to early?

I’m so happy that I have never needed more than a 1TB SSD/HDD for the current generation. 825GB for PlayStation 5 will be plenty of storage space for me since that will be my secondary full exclusives only console.

1TB SSD on Xbox Series X will be enough for me since once a game is completed and traded in, it’s deleted and uninstalled. Digital Purchases only stay installed until the post launch content is complete and the only games that would stay for the long term would be if it’s a Division 2 type game where it’s year after year with content.

In general, I can’t wait to see what the price is for Sony’s external SSD’s because I would think that they would be an additional 1/3rd of the price of what the SSD card is for Series X/S.

Looks like I’ll be sticking with hot swapping to/from the exterior HDD for the forseeable future. Yeouch.

£219 in the UK! Guess I’ll just use my 5TB to store them and transfer them to internal when needed.

’ additional capacities and implementations in the future ’

You got to be kidding, £219 in the uk?! :frowning: Not cool, won’t be paying that price.

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I’d be real interested to find out how quick the quick transfer will be :thinking:

I don’t know enough about computers, but would the architecture be enough to somehow overcome the speed cap of the USB port (5 Gbps apparently)? It doesn’t sound right to me but I’m always happy to learn! I can’t make heads or tails of the USB naming convention but I think that it’s the same port as the Xbox One X, at least.

That won’t even be the bottleneck, it’ll be the speed of the drive inside the usb enclosure, I guess.

I’ll have to take your word for it, ha ha. Not happy at all about proprietary storage, that’s always been a lame move. I hope that interview that No-1HoloLens-Fan posted is a sign that they’re willing to open things up.

It’s true, this isn’t as bad as the Vita.

Yeah I pass. At least you don’t need this at all. It is 100% optional.

USB naming convention made much more complicated by renaming 3.0 a couple of times… I believe it’s now called 3.2 gen 1. And then the letters, sizes, etc. Don’t feel bad for being confused!

I went ahead and preordered one from Best Buy!

I’m going to bring over my 8tb hdd, and then just fill the 1TB internal and 1TB Seagate SSD :slight_smile:

Certainly a bit eye watering when you add up the total cost, somewhat mitigated for me by the fact that had xbox one controllers not worked with the series x I’d have had to buy an extra 3 of those (for minecraft dungeons with the kids)

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£220 is like $280usd haha.

Hopefully if I wait, bigger sizes at a more reasonable price come out.

Was really hoping smyths £159 was right, as I would’ve dropped that.

Then again, I don’t need the extra SSD yet anyway. :slight_smile:

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