Preorders are up for Xbox Series S|X 1TB proprietary SSD

UK: £219
Microsoft Store

Germany: €239
Microsoft Store

USA: $219
Best Buy

Australia: $359


Really disappointed with the UK price :frowning:

Please post if you find links for other retailers and I’ll add them to above :slight_smile:


ouch 220$ I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be hot swapping.

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I was personally hoping for bigger than 1tb, I might wait for a bigger size.

On my xbox one x, I have 9tb, then again I’m going to have a mass clear out/delete spree of stuff I know I’ll never touch again.

for another 80$ you can get a series s.

I understand why it’s expensive. It’s still fn crazy

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I can wait. Free up another TB on my 4TB drive for this.

$359.95 in Australian dollarbucks.

I’ve ordered one, like a sucker :slight_smile:

EB Games - 1TB Seagate Xbox Storage Module

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I feel like anyone buying an S and then this, might as well just buy an x :stuck_out_tongue:

You got a link for me to add to the top bud?

Man your dollar-ee-doos are not worth much compared to other currencies :stuck_out_tongue:

You are crazy.

Same here. Between X and S I’ll have 1.5TB of SSD to manage, and if there’s something I’m not actively playing I need to get used again to delete or move. Did it until the X360 era, kinda stopped now that I have several TBs of room.

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Yeah I am going to wait for bigger sizes since 1TB is not enough. I will just hook up my external and transfer games to the internal as and when I need them.

1 Aussie Dollarbuck = 0.71 US Freedom Dollars.

The plus side is we’re not (currently) barrelling towards a hellish dictatorship. Watch this conversion rate in two months time. I don’t know if it will get better or worse!


Yeah, I’ve started deleting games I have finished the story for. Like, I adore A Plague Tale, but I’d rather uninstall and reinstall when I want to do a playthrough again instead of have it take up 50gb constantly.

How did you hyperlink above? On your other post edit, means I can make my main post look a little cleaner, bit off a noob with some of the features I am :slight_smile:

I do that too, unfortunately I rarely get to a point where I can honestly say “well, chances are I won’t be playing this anytime soon” because I finished it or hate it, so I always have 400+ games installed. Will have to lose that habit, at least for next-gen games.


Another Aussie link

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The proper name is Ozzy Didgeridollars, right up there with Europoly money and Murican Freedom Bucks.

But all kidding aside, that is a hefty price. Granted they also cost that much for sustained speeds like that on pc, but I can’t see people upgrading with those prices. But then with an external Ssd/hdd transfers shouldn’t take that long. So swapping games in and out should be a breeze.

Added :)!

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Nothing for Germany yet?